Powdrill Takes on Meng Fanlong in China
Rob Powdrill / Pic: Emanuel Rudnicki/Noisy Pixels

Australian boxer Robert Powdrill is taking on Chinese Olympian Meng Fanlong on Wednesday 25th May in Beijing.

Meng Fanlong, 28, is a professional boxer from Chifeng, China. Southpaw cruiser-weight holds a six-fight undefeated record with 67% KO ratio. He has stopped Kenny Gaudreau, Andre Sawyer, Devonte Hopkins Elliotte and Albert Avina. Fanlong has fought throughout the United States of America, the place where every boxer wants to be. His unique, not on American soil, bout was in Puerto Rico. He is now topping it up with a home-crowd challenge against Australian Rob Powdrill.

Prior entering the professional division Fanlong competed at 2012 London Olympics as a light-heavyweight. He defeated Ahmed Barki, but lost to Yamaguchi Falcao Florentino.

Rob Powdrill is an all around Western Australian combat sports expert. He has notable achievements from kickboxing and muaythai to MMA and boxing. Powdrill took a career of a pro boxer 18 months ago under the patronage of Bill Seth. Since he has scored a sensational knockout over Damien Hooper and a decision over Sam Rapira. He also earned a world title qualification. His current record counts 9 bouts with 7 victories.

Although Powdrill faced a defeated from Trent Broadhurst in his November 2015 bout in Brisbane, Qld, he is ready for a challenge against strong Fanlong Meng in Beijing, China on 25th May. To date Powdrill represented Australia in France, Spain, New Zealand and Thailand.