Muay Thai World Championships IFMA 2016
Official logo for 2016 IFMA Muay Thai World Championships / 19-29 of May 2016 / Jönköping, Sweden

Muay Thai world championship IFMA 2016 is held from 19th to 29th May at Kinnarps Arena in Jönköping, Sweden.

IFMA 2016 Sweden is the next annual Muay Thai event that brings together more than a hundred nations to compete for the title of a world champion. Sweden follows the steps of successful 2015 Royal World Cup in Thailand and 2014 World Games in Malaysia.

Over a thousand international athletes reportedly signed up to be a part of the event that shares respect, loyalty, excellence and fair play. Kinnarps arena in Jönköping, Sweden is the venue that accommodates the happening.

“There will be something for everyone during this event,” states “Action filled fights, courses, workshop, harness racing, Jönköping festival and more.”

“We will not leave a stone untouched in our aim to present the best that Sweden has to offer during this amazing event.”

“IFMA Muaythai World Championship, we welcome you to Sweden for the first time. We promise you something out of the ordinary.”

Team Australia brings only an 18-member delegation to IFMA 2016 Sweden

Ten athletes, seven coaches and a team manager will jet to Jönköping to stand for Australian pride. Last year in Thailand the Land Down Under was represented by over a hundred members.

Team Australia at IFMA 2016 looks as the following.

Lindon Wotton (67kg) and Cameron Web (71kg) compete in the Male Seniors B class.

Kristain Armstrong (51kg), Yolanda Schmidt (57kg), Sandra Brew (60kg), Shannon Howard (63.5kg), Anita Boom (71kg), Carleigh Crawford (75kg) are in the Female Seniors A division.

Britney Dolheguy (48kg) and Tegan Daly (57kg) participate as the Female Juniors in the 14-15 and 16-17 years old categories.

The team manager is Corey Impelmans. The coaches are Anthony Manning, Robbie Tidyman, Burt OMeahger, Monica Dowling, Rhonda Howard, Allan Webber and Dave Dolheguy.