Daniel Dawson aims Muay Thai showdown this October
Daniel Dawson / Pic: Pic: Sweet Rebel

Australian fighter ‘The Rock’ Daniel Dawson is looking at October towards his comeback in Muay Thai.

Daniel Dawson, 38, sacrificed the last decade for the sweet science, causing a big bang across the Planet. Indeed, The Rock is an internationally renowned athlete from Perth, Western Australia.

In January we broke the news announcing Dawson’s return to the Art of Eight Limbs. He is a former two-time kickboxing and two-time muaythai world champion. More over he has held four solid title defenses, prior completely switching onto boxing in 2003.

On Friday 13th May Daniel Dawson cornered two of his MMA 24/7 protegees. Gaz Numan and Mark Familari took part at Thunderdome XV fight night at Perth Metro City club.

“I’m looking at October – I’ve got to get fit! I can’t come back until I’m in the best shape,” WA leading boxing reporter Neil Devey quotes Dawson who spoke on the show about his return to muaythai.

In the post event bulletin Devey outlined Dawson as a ‘former two-time national boxing champion, Thai boxing legend and all-round good guy.’

Truly, Dawson is a sincere personality who aims to help others. Being friends for over ten years, I have personally experienced it again during the last few weeks when my head trainer Top Sangmorakot was overseas.

Sharing talent

Daniel Dawson is certainly an expert when it comes to fight sport. Alongside with fighting, for several years he shares his knowledge with others. The Rock stands shoulder to shoulder with Australian king of muaythai Nathan Carnage Corbett who travels the World for the last two years, devoting his time to teach, inspire and motivate.

“Being a trainer and teacher is my opportunity to refine my version and perception of fighting by passing my experiences onto others,” says Dawson.

“We work together to create the best version of themselves.”

Everything fighting

Personally, I’ve learned a few fighting aspects from Daniel Dawson, who in 2013 made history to become the first person ever to hold world titles in three different disciplines.

“I’ve lived and fought in countries like Thailand, Japan, United States, China, Indonesia, New Zealand and more,” says former muaythai, kickboxing and boxing world champion Daniel Dawson.

“I’ve trained alongside some of the best fighters and trainers in the world.”

“My best value as a teacher is my experience, fighting experience.”

“I’ve had 105 professional fights.”

Different approach, one goal

“My experience gives me a great ability to coach and bring out the best in my students,”

“From physical conditioning, mental preparation and work in sparring to hard drills and real fight situation.”

“Every fighter is different in personality and style,”

“I try to tap into to what the fighters need to be at the best, and guide them to that.”

“Coaching gives me the opportunity to share the love I have for competition with others,”

“I aim to assist them in achieving their own goals.”

On Saturday 21st May Daniel Dawson will make his appearance at Nemesis 11 Perth Toby Smith v Johane Beausejour fight night at Kingsway Stadium in Madeley, WA. The event has already proclaimed a celebrity rank with Nathan Carnage Corbett supervising WKN championship bouts and UFC fighter Jake Matthews being a special guest. The Rock might bump onto his old mate John Wayne Parr, who brings Bevan Mahoney to challenge Australian welterweight title.

Dawson and Parr have a score to settle. Their third encounter inside the ring is in talks.