Big muaythai promoter Jartui Sangmorakot comes to Australia
Jartui Sangmorakot / Pic: Matthew Yarbrough / Fightland/Vice

Muay Thai promoter from Thailand Jartui Sangmorakot travels to Perth, Western Australia this week.

Jartui Sangmorakot [Jai-Tui Saengmorakot] is one of the key promoters at the world’s most prestigious muaythai arena, Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. He works with the Thai Fight, that is, hands down, the leading brand to enhance the popularity of the Art of Eight Limbs internationally. Besides, Sangmorakot is a matchmaker for Omnoi Stadium. He is also engaged with the Max Muay Thai and Kunlun promotions throughout Asia.

In June 2015 Elite Boxing was honored to interview Jartui Sangmorakot where he shared his view on muaythai business in Thailand. The Big Boss spoke about the current stance of national sport, the bright and not so pretty aspects around it, as well as his perspective on the predominant Martial Art that teaches discipline and respect.

In addition to actual business in the industry of combat sports, Jartui Sangmorakot is the head of Saengmorakot Muaythai Camp in Bangkok, Thailand.

Last January Lindsey Newhall highlighted Sangmorakot Gym as the ‘The Shining Emerald of Bangkok’. The story appeared on the pages of the Fight Land blog shared by Vice Media Inc.

“It [Sangmorakot Gym] wasn’t fancy, wasn’t new, didn’t look anything like the other gyms we’d visited,” wrote Newhall.

“I was impressed that the Tourism Authority included a gym like this on our itinerary. Sangmorakot wasn’t repackaging Muay Thai to appeal to rich Thais or Western fitness tourists.”

“Sangmorakot was a proper Bangkok gym focused on developing its fighters, as any good, serious fighters’ gym should be,” she stated in the conclusion.

Indeed, the fighter factory at Sangmorakot Gym has built several authentic muaythai champions, as well as teachers who share their knowledge across the world. In Australia we have over five instructors, such as Top Sangmorakot (commonly known as ‘King Top’), who currently guides few prominent athletes including WA star Daniel ‘The Rock’ Dawson.

This week Jartui Sangmorakot visits Perth, Australia. He also brings one of his protegee, Chanchai Sit-Itisukato. The last is a 2015 Max Muay Thai winner who will fight local Millad Farzad at Nemesis 11 Perth fight show on Saturday 21st May at Kingsway Stadium in Madeley, WA.