Patrick Talbot Promotes Nemesis 11 Perth
Patrick Talbot / Pic: Emanuel Rudnkicki/Noisy Pixels

Muay Thai promoter Patrick Talbot puts together an outstanding Nemesis 11 fight fight on Saturday 21st May at Kingsway Stadium in Perth, WA.

Patrick Talbot is a world-level event maker from Perth, Western Australia. He has held his first gathering over five years ago. To date, ten editions of Nemesis Fight Shows entertained Western Australia’s fans. The last always leave the venue with an anticipation of the following knockout gala.

The family man Talbot lives the life of an all-round successful businessman. Indeed, his every day job is far from combat sports, however long ties keep him involved in the beautiful Martial Arts.

“I’m a mechanical engineer. I manage our family engineering company Tariseng which services Australia’s Mining & Earth-moving industry,” says Nemesis Fight Shows promoter Talbot.

“I have been in combat sports since I was a kid. Started off with Taekwondo, then boxing and then switched onto Muay Thai.”

Outstanding Nemesis Fight Shows made-in collaboration of Patrick Talbot and Bill Seth. The last is recognized as WA superior Muay Thai referee.

“I met Bill through Muay Thai, and soon learnt I’m better off promoting than competing,” says Talbot smiling.

“Our first partnered event was back in 2012.”

Over the years Nemesis events produce a knockout gathering that sees real Muay Thai in action. Patrick Talbot reflects on some of the matches and memorable happenings.

“We’ve had epic battles in the ring,” he says.

“Rob Powdrill has punished a lot of opponents. Mitch Seth always puts on a show,”

“There have been many top clashes such as Gareth Smith vs Sing Siri, Jak ‘300’ vs Beniah Douma, Yolanda Schmidt vs Emma Graham.”

“Plus some eccentric moments of marriage proposals by fighters after their fights.”

During the last five years Nemesis Fight Shows have been lifting the level of Western Australian Muay Thai internationally. Indeed, each following installment brings an improved concept of origin. The latest edition saw the WKN intercontinental championship: Seth (Australia) v Petroulias (Greece).

“Each show I try and outdo the last,” says Talbot.

“This time I have really shot myself in the foot. I have no idea how I’m going to top this one.”

“The main card is full of fights worthy main events. I feel a little greedy hogging all the big fights for one show!”

“Any major fighter available I could match – I locked in.”

“Normally there are a few drop outs due to injury, but touch wood, there will be no room for a break this show,”

“The cards is completely stacked!”

“I aim to bring the best to Perth and any bigger names we can secure and match the better,”

“I know Daniel Dawson is eager to break back on to the Muay Thai scene. Would love to have him on the show one day.”

“The WKN [World Kickboxing Network] is a great asset to Nemesis Fight Shows,”

“It is a professional sanctioning body that is recognized worldwide.”

“It provides us with international exposure, the best looking belts and great assistance with real fighters to take on our Australian best.”

Nemesis 11 Perth fight show proclaims to be a celebrity gathering. Alongside with the fight card that sees eminent Toby The Weapon Smith, the list of personalities presenting on the night includes Muay Thai legends Nathan Carnage Corbett, John Wayne Parr and Daniel The Rock Dawson. Moreover, Australian UFC fighter Jake Matthews jets to Perth from Melbourne as a special guest.

“Jake Matthews is a great mate of mine who is coming over to support our show,” Talbot says.

“He is a massive fan of Muay Thai and is always eager to see the best fights in the country.”

“I have not told him as yet but he may be coaching my sons football team the following morning,”

“The game starts at eight in the morning, and I don’t think I will be capable of speech,” Talbot concludes with a smile.

Nemesis 11 Perth fight night is held on Saturday 21st May 2016 at Kingsway Indoor Stadium – 130 Kingsway, Madeley, WA, 6065. Complete fight card is presented below. FOX Sports will televise the 2-hour event this June.

Fight Card

WKN Intercontinental bout / Muay Thai / Middleweight / 5x3mn
Toby ‘The Weapon’ Smith (Australia) v Johane Beausejour (France)

International bout / Muay Thai / Middleweight / 5x3mn
Millad Farzad (Australia) v Chanchai Sit-Itisukato (Thailand)

WKN Australian Championship / Muay Thai / Super-lightweight / 5x3mn
Parviz Iskenderov (Western Australia) v Chadd Collins (Queensland)

WKN Australian Championship / Muay Thai / Welterweight / 5x3mn
Ricardo Pisaneschi (Western Australia) v Benny Mahoney (Queensland)

WKN Australian Championship / Junior / Muay Thai / Lightweight / 5x2mn
Damon Nelson (Western Australia) v Brandon ‘Dynamite’ Spain (Queensland)

WKN Western Australian Championship / Muay Thai / Super-featherweight / 5x2mn Gareth Ray Karaitiana (Western Australia) v Jeremy ‘Fireball’ Firth (Western Australia)

Western Australia Rating Bout / Muay Thai / Female / Flyweight / 5x2mn
Emma Graham (Western Australia) v Kim Townsend (Western Australia)

Josh Thomas v David Kriel

Victoria Callaghan v Jenna Harvey

Niki King v Kirsty Meares

Sam Gore v Cody Lewis

Shannon Peek v Toorel Lonsdale

Josh McCormick v Tarmizi Zain