Stephane Cabrera Expands WKN Top Team

The president of the World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera expands horizons for the WKN Top Team.

Stephane Cabrera, the Frenchman known for developing kickboxing across the Planet, spoke to about his newly established WKN Top Team project. In reality the actual team has the roots back in 90’s, when Team Cabrera kicked the world internationally. The team that among everything has produced the worlds greatest kickboxer at that time, Samir Mohamed.

“Around ten years ago my team in Marguerittes was considered the best in France, and surely Top 10 in Europe,” Cabrera says.

“We were only one gym, but we have built more champions than the whole country did.”

“Being a trainer and manager, I’ve learnt quite a lot regarding this side of fight business.”

Five years ago ProKick outlined Stephane Cabrera as the King Match-Maker. The release, posted ahead of a big boxing show televised live by Europsort, credits the man who heads WKN with ‘some of the biggest matches in the business over the last 15 years… strength to strength – from Full-contact, kick, thai, MMA and conventional boxing.’ Indeed, the involvement of Cabrera in the progress of sport is essential, however he has predominantly been staying in the ‘shadow’.

“When it comes to work I prefer not to be so much in the light, I just do my work,” Cabrera says.

“This is a part of my personality and the way I manage the WKN since the day one.”

“For over 20 years 90% of big international kickboxing matches, nobody even knows were done by me,”

“Currently I slightly modify the model that requires to put the WKN and my own name in front. Communication is a big part of success.”

“It is done to generate more solidness behind the fighters’. We aim to give them more exposure. This also assists the development of our sport.”

“Having the WKN background shows their notoriety and gives them fame,”

“It takes more energy to work this way, however at the end it is positive for everybody, including promoters and trainers.”

The WKN Top Team appears at several events across the world. Among everything, GLORY Sports International (GLORY) and Real Impact Sports Entertainment (RISE) have been requesting the best WKN kickboxers to compete at their shows.

“In 2014 we have decided to mention the WKN Top Team when Ukranian Dmitri Bezus took part at GLORY 14 Zagreb,”

“The idea was to show that the World Kickboxing Network is not only the global federation that everybody already knows, but to demonstrate the team of fighters built inside.”

“This shows our family spirit and connection between clubs, trainers, managers and promoters. And of course athletes themselves, their trust and honor to be in WKN.”

“Prominently the WKN Top Team is seen at kickboxing events under GLORY and RISE brands. We are looking to step in muaythai with Thai Fight, MAX and Kunlun.”

“All of these shows are not sanctioning federation, however they are world known prestigious brands. They have the best athletes competing at their gala,”

“Therefore it is logical to see a participation of the WKN champions.”

“An important part of my work is to take care of our athletes. I believe the label of the WKN Top Team will certainly help them grow in and outside the World Kickboxing Network.”

An obvious question is how to get inside the WKN Top Team and be managed by the man himself, Stephane Cabrera. Indeed, hundreds of talented athletes around the world desire to be recognized.

“There is no such a thing as a criteria. Except of striving to be the best. I think it’s enough” WKN president says.

“The way it works is very simple. The WKN makes all arrangements with the promotion of an up-coming event and the camp of our athlete,”

“The actual contract that includes insurance cover and fee, travel conditions, publicity via our channels… All.”

“The current list includes Amel Dehby, Karim Benmansour, Nicolas Wamba, Tomas Mozny and exclusive MMA fighter from India Bharat Khandare. Pavol Garaj and Ivana Miklasova are the ones we keep an eye on. There are a few growing names such as Mallaury Kalachnikoff.”

“I receive inquiries on the daily basis. Talents from everywhere want to be a part of the WKN Top Team.”

“However I don’t want to make it something just commercial. It must have the WKN spirit”

“This is our ultimate trademark.”