John Wayne Parr vs Daniel Dawson III Locked & Loaded
Australian muaythai legends Daniel The Rock Dawson (l) and John Wayne Parr (r) officially announced their third encounter during Nemesis 11 Perth WKN fight night Toby Smith (Aus) v Johane Beausejour (Fra) on Saturday 21st May 2016 at Kingsway Stadium, Madeley, WA / Pic: Emanuel Rudnicki / NoisyPixels

John Wayne Parr vs Daniel Dawson III is happening on Friday 14th October 2016 in Perth, Western Australia.

The deal is sealed. John Wayne Parr vs Daniel Dawson is confirmed, signed and officially declared to public. The two announced their third encounter on 21st May during Nemesis 11 Perth WKN fight night: Smith v Beausejour. Indeed, there would not be a better option to advise the audience with their ultimate clash, but at the biggest Australian muaythai gala for the first half of 2016. This is what we witnessed last Saturday.

The John Wayne Parr vs Daniel Dawson bout is truly an unbelievable match. It has not been ten years, it has been over fifteen since they faced each other inside the ring. Such period of time is longer than the whole career of most fighters. Parr has been fighting since 1992. Dawson kicked off in 1993. Their 1999 clash ended in a unanimous decision favoring Parr. The 2000 encounter saw Dawson earning equivalent win. They have a score to settle. Regardless the age, both are full of fight.

The bout has been in talks from the day one when we broke the news last January announcing a return of ‘The Rock’ Daniel Dawson, 38, to muaythai. The buzz was quickly picked up by the state major media The West Australian. It also called out a great interest from the fans of WA owned all-round good guy. Former world champion in three different disciplines, Dawson last fought in muaythai eight years ago. He then sacrificed almost a decade for the sweet science where he earned two national belts and a shot at WBO world-light middleweight title. His last boxing fight was in March 2015.

“When I’ve started boxing, it was a big challenge. But I’ve missed thai-boxing so much, so I have to come back,” Dawson told

‘The Rock’ is seen training with a strong Thai Fight figure Top Sangmorakot. The last is known for sharpening the edge of international elite athletes.

‘The Gunslinger’ John Wayne Parr, 40, is an Australian phenomenon who carries a fighting career of over 24 years. His recent bout was only a couple of months ago. He battled New Zealand’s Bradley Riddell on the Gold Coast last March. Ahead of the clash with Dawson, on the 11th of June JWP is fighting Greek Pavlos Kaponis in London, England. Furthermore, he has already booked himself to headline Caged Muay Thai fight night on December 3.

Alongside with fighting in Muay Thai, ‘The Gunslinger’ has been expanding horizons as a promoter and Australian ambassador for fight sports internationally. He is often seen with UFC personalities such as Joe Rogan and Mark Hunt. Both have also starred in JWP directed footage of punching infamous ‘Noodles’ Emiliano Rivera in the stomach and a knockout emotion at UFC 193.

Indeed, the John Wayne Parr vs Daniel Dawson III bout has been up in the air for a while. Last Friday, the day ahead of releasing the locked in challenge to public, we chatted with JWP giving a deserved shout-out to Noodles. A mention has been also made on their ultimate encounter with Daniel ‘The Rock’ Dawson, which is now officially announced.

“It will be good, that’s gonna be exciting,” Parr said.

John Wayne Parr vs Daniel The Rock Dawson III is a challenge made-in 25 years of fighting featuring almost 250 bouts in a combined record.