Yolanda Schmidt Faces Alicia Pestana at Epic 15 Pride
Yolanda Schmidt performs Wai Khru Ram Muay ahead of her clash with Samantha Brown in Brisbane, Qld / 9th April 2016 / Pic: Sharon Richards

Yolanda Schmidt is fighting Alicia Pestana at Epic 15 Pride fight night on Saturday, 9th July 2016 in Perth, Western Australia.

Yolanda Schmidt (17-4-1) is a renowned muay thai-boxer from PTJ Muay Thai in Sydney, NSW. Over the years she climbed the ranking, earning prestigious WKN national title. She is a 2015 Australian fighter of the year and a world cup bronze medalist.

Her recent achievement is, as much or as little, the Top 3 position in the world of the Art of Eight Limbs. Last May Schmidt represented Australia at IFMA 2016 Jonkoping world championship. There she scored a TKO victory over Sumeyye Barbaros of Turkey and a decision over Belarusian Alena Mishenuk. In the semi-final she faced a defeat in a close battle with Russian Julia Berezikava. The last then lost the final to the representative of country-host, Swedish Patricia Axling. Nevertheless, out of 16 competitors from all over the Planet, Yolanda Schmidt cemented her name on the winners podium.

“I would love to do the championships again, purely because I want to better my results,” Schmidt says.

“However, unless I can gain some financial assistance of sponsorship, it might not be possible.”

“Our Australian team was not as large as last year due to expenses, so the Aussie chant was not as loud. Nevertheless they did a great job at it.”

“Training, weight management, warming up and fighting in the cold weather was more challenging than in sunny Thailand.”

“Sweden is beautiful, and the people are so friendly,”

“Also this time I took the opportunity to make connections with fighters from all over the world, which I hope to maintain contact with.”

Few weeks prior world’s start in Sweden, Schmidt faced a defeat from Sam Brown in Brisbane, Qld. She is certainly keen to take a revenge.

“I have not ruled out the second fight with Sam. I want a rematch,” she says.

Yolanda Schmidt is now ready for her Saturday’s challenge in Perth, WA. She is taking on Australia’s top ranked bantamweight Alicia Pestana (25-11-3). Originally from Kalamunda Kickboxing Pestana is known for the 2010 WKA women’s world title fight versus Italian Sindy Huyer. She currently trains at Riddler’s Gym shoulder to shoulder with Caley Reece. The camp brought her further in international ranking that includes the battle against England’s Iman Barlow last December.

“I don’t know anything about her [Pestana] fighting style,” Schmidt says.

“I know she has been ranked #1 for quite some time now in IK [International Kickboxer magazine based in Australia],”

“I also know that she has been around for a very long time, sporting a wealth of experience and numerous titles.”

“I formally envisioned her as ‘out of my league’, however my turn has come and I feel privileged to be sharing the ring with her.”

“I though had to give up a kilo up in weight to get this fight happen.”

Yolanda Schmidt v Alicia Pestana features the main card of Epic 15 Pride, held on Saturday, 9th July 2016 at Herb Graham Recreation Centre, Mirrabooka, WA.