Tomas Mozny Represents WKN Top Team
2-time WKN kickboxing super heavyweight European GP winner Tomas 'The Giant Slovak' Mozny / Pic: Supplied

Spinning heavyweight Facebook sensation The Giant Slovak Tomas Mozny is fighting at two major kickboxing events on European soil.

Tomas Mozny, 26, aka ‘The Giant Slovak’ is a prominent super heavyweight from Kosice, Slovakia. He is fighting out of Body Gym Poprad under the patronage of Lukas Bodyy. Mozny represents the WKN Top Team being managed by kickboxing boss himself, Stephane Cabrera. In near future The Giant Slovak takes part in two outstanding kickboxing happenings.

On August 4th Mozny goes in the +500kg tourney at VIP event Fight Night Saint Tropez. Over two-meter giant is though the lightest, 120 kg, competitor on the card. In the city of rich and famous he will face 150 kg opposition from Brazilian Diego dos Santos Ferreira, 125 kg that are brought by England’s Daniel Sam, as well as 130 kg delivered from Cuba by Daniel Perez.

The following heavy hit Mozny is lined up for happens on October 1st in Poprad, Slovakia. In front of the home crowd The Giant Slovak will be challenging European title. He will face Georgi Fibich from Czech Republic. The last has defeated a former title holder David Vins last May in Prague. Super heavyweight championship Mozny v Fibich headlines the 12th edition of eminent Simply The Best world series.

Tomas Mozny is a two-time winner of the WKN European Grand Prix. Last February he left no doubts for judges, taking the 4 man eliminator in Nitra, Slovakia. His following venture was at Glory 29 Copenhagen where he made a victorious debut. Mozny took a sudden victory in the super fight against Turkish Cihad Kepenek.

In February 2016 Tomas ‘The Giant Slovak’ Mozny became a Facebook sensation. The under 15 seconds ‘Spinning Heavyweight’ clip gained over a million views in one week. The footage sees Mozny landing a spectacular spinning back kick on Bulgarian Krasimir Vulev in the semi-final ofthe WKN European GP 2014 in Poprad, Slovakia.