Andrei Kulebin vs Fabio Pinca Headlines Wicked One
Andrei Kulebin vs Fabio Pinca headlines Wicked One Duel event on Saturday, 17th September 2016 in Paris, France

Outstanding muaythai bout Andrei Kulebin vs Fabio Pinca is happening on Saturday, 17th September 2016 in Paris, France.

Andrei Kulebin vs Fabio Pinca is the fight you don’t want to miss. The names speak for themselves. Each resume tops it up. Giving a simple outline, I would say the two are the kings of European muaythai.

Over the last decade both gained international recognition and cemented their names in history. Both fought and defeated a series of muaythai stars. Moreover, both are mostly known for taking tournaments. Pinca is the winner of the original Thai Fight. Kulebin is a two-time WKN Big-8 champion.

Andrei Kulebin is Muay Thai ambassador from Belarus. This season he kicked off in January with an 8 man tournament in Shanghai, China. There he scored two wins over Feng Jie and Xie Lei. The final though saw a fiasco. Qiu Jianliang stopped Belarusian in round one. Kulebin then took six months off and returned to China last weekend. The 4 man eliminator in Nanjing saw Kulebin taking all. He beat Australian Victor Nagbe and Portuguese Diogo Neves.

Fabio Pinca is one of the original muaythai heroes from France. He represents Nasser Kacem. The coach who trains the stars such as Yohan Lidon for over ten years. In 2010 Pinca broke the news. He took a sensational victory of the very first Thai Fight tournament. Last January he made a debut in the United States where he beat Charlie Peters of England. The following was a victory over his country fellow Azize Hlali on the home soil. Pinca then had two bouts in China. He lost to Tie Yinghua last April and defeated Yang Zhuo early this month.

Kulebin and Pinca met in 2005.

Although they didn’t fight each other back then, both took part in the WKN Kings of Muay Thai event in Minsk. Belarus vs Europe aired lived on Eurosport. The happening widely exposed both athletes throughout the continent, conclusively impacting on their careers internationally.

Andrei Kulebin vs Fabio Pinca headlines Wicked One show in French capital on September 17. It certainly promises action. The event includes two more interesting bouts.Johane Beausejour is fighting Abdallah Mabel. Jimmy Vienot is taking on Yodpayak Sitsongpeenong.