Kickboxing Boss Stephane Cabrera Visits Japan
World Kickboxing Network (WKN) president Stephane Cabrera during Bigger's Better press conference live on Eurosport network / December 12, 2013 / Lisbon, Portugal / Pic: Supplied

The president of the World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera travels to Tokyo, Japan end of July 2016.

Kickboxing boss Stephane Cabrera visits the country of the rising sun at the invitation of Sadaharu Tanikawa. The last is a former executive and producer of original K-1.

Japan is the capital of Martial Arts in Asia. It is also the birthplace of K-1. Moreover, kickboxing history tells that Japan is the place where the leg kicks appended to Full Contact. Consequently, Japan is the place where kickboxing formed the way the public knows it today.

The World Kickboxing Network has a strong connection with Japan since late 90’s. Mr Koichi Kawasaki of Pride was one of five gentlemen to form International Vale Tudo Council in Brazil. The highlight also includes the 2010 WKN kickboxing world championship in Tokyo. This is when Loris Audoui defended his title against Ng ‘King’ Chung. The following bridge sees the WKN collaboration with RISE and REBELS promotions. The world’s leading kickboxing federation brings stars from Japan to showcase their skills on European soil. Meanwhile, European and Australian fighters compete in Japan under the label of the WKN Top Team.

The following happening sees the second collaboration between the World Kickboxing Network and Ganryujima.

The WKN world office reports that alongside the official meetings with Japanese Martial Arts elite, Stephane Cabrera will present at Ganryujima IV Tokyo fight night as a special guest. The event is held on Sunday, 31st July at the ten thousand seat Ariake Coliseum arena in Tokyo. The gala is broadcast by Fuji network.

The WKN is an official international matchmaker for Ganryujima. The previous event last March saw Bharat Khandare and Jackie Gosh fighting Kazuhisa Watanabe and Kiyoshi Tamura. The fight card of the next show includes Natanel Parisi and Michele Verginelli versus Shinsuke Seto and Boldbaatar Udral.