Mark Hunt Wants Fighters Association
Mark Hunt enters the arena before the UFC Brisbane bout between Mark Hunt and Antonio 'Big Foot' Silva of Brazil at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on December 7, 2013 in Brisbane, Australia. Pic: Bradley Kanaris/Getty Image

Mark Hunt is disappointed with the UFC. He is seeking a solution of a better protection for the fighters.

Mark Hunt fought Brock Lesnar at UFC 200 on Saturday, 9th July 2016 in Las Vegas. The bout went on distance. Lesnar took a unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27). However it comes out not to be fair.

“I lost on that night to some f***ing cheat,” Hunt told FOX Sports post fight.

The reason behind is truly disappointing. It has nothing to see with a fair play either. Lesnar tested positive to an out-of-competition drug test. Furthermore, it’s been revealed that he also tested positive to in-competition drug test that was taken earlier in July.

“The way I see it, the Brock Lesnar doping thing is just another reason why we need a fighters association. These guys are just making up the rules as they go,” Hunt told via phone interview.

“First the Reebok thing, then Brock’s four-month testing exemption. Conor gets pulled off a card for not going to a press conference that me or Brock didn’t go to anyway. Work that out. There’s probably a heap of others.

“You just have to look at how Ariel (Helwani, an MMA reporter) gets his media pass taken away because he broke a story about Brock, then he gets it back when other media stood up for him and called out the UFC. These guys are just making s*** up as they go.”

Health Risk

“They say they are cleaning up the sport, yet I’ve risked my health two times against guys cheating since this USADA thing started. I was told Brock was going to be tested when I took the fight, he comes in looking fricken juicy as hell and then I find out he’s popped after the PPV has already been sold.

“It’s ridiculous. The fact that they haven’t even bothered to make contact with me since all of this happened just proves they don’t care.”

Fighters Association

Mark Hunt is an-around hero of combat sports. He is an eminent character of kickboxing world as well as a sensational mixed martial arts fighter. The Super Samoan is a true athlete who might be in charge of the potential Fighters Association. The one that should protect the main characters of sport.

“If you ask me there needs to be a system where they at least run things past the fighters before making these decisions and the fighters can look out for each other. We need an association where we can have our voices heard. We are massive reason why fans watch the sport and we risk our health to do it.”

“I’m not worried about the UFC,” he said. “Shucks, I’ve been fighting my whole life. Fighting to survive in my home, to the ring and now cage. These guys didn’t even want me in the UFC but here I am. I’m not scared of them.

“I’m not sure what its like in the states, but in Australia workers stick together to make sure their voice is heard. Lots of guys have talked about this, but someone needs to make this happen and I’m happy for it to be me.”

“I mean shucks I’m not an expert on all this, but me and my team have been talking to the experts about how to make this a reality,” he said.

“To the fighters listening to this I want them to get in touch with me via my Facebook page and we can get thing going. I won’t name anyone until we sort it all out, but get in touch and lets make this happen.”