Thailand Accomodates WKN Muay Thai Championship
Wai Khru Ram Muay / Pic: Fightmag

The second edition of Muay Thai Farang fighting is happening on Saturday, 23rd July 2016 in Pattaya, Thailand.

The WKN (World Kickboxing Network ®) is the world’s leading governing body for all disciplines of kickboxing. Indeed, outside Thailand the Art of Eight Limbs is considered as one of its features. The history talks for itself. The WKN took traditional Muay Thai under its umbrella. It requires elbow strikes, proper clinching as well as a scoring system and judging. As a result, the WKN sanctioned title bouts in muaythai, showcase the real muaythai in action. Moreover, the WKN has worked with the Don King of muaythai, Mr Songchai Ratanansuban of S-1 promotion. It also held the Grand Tournoi that featured international elite competing across the world.

Starting in 2016 the WKN promotes the shows in Thailand. The events are organized by Vicharn Areerob and Preechar Areerob. Sport specialists from Iran assist the collaboration. The project aims to see international athletes competing on Thai soil. The title of the Champion of Asia is for grabs.

Rawai Stadium in Phuket held the debut show. The headliner saw Tofan Pirani fighting Kendam Suthai of Cambodia. Pirani took the first round knockout victory. The next event comes to Pattaya Boxing Stadium. Iranian Faezeh Jahanpirouz (15-3) is taking on local Satar Pong (16-10). Women’s flyweight title is at stake.

In addition, the schedule of Simply The Best reportedly includes Thailand. Also, Iranian-Australian fighter Misagh Norouzi might compete in one of the cards.