Green vs Mundine Rematch Confirmed
Anthony Mundine and Danny Green in their 2006 fight / Pic: Steve Christo

Green vs Mundine II comes to an agreement. $30 million dollars seal the deal on Friday, 22nd July 2016 in a cafe at Sydney airport.

Indeed, it is all and always about the money. Well, the fight draws zero interest in the United States where every boxers wants to be. However here in Down Under Green vs Mundine II certainly generates a vast interest.

Hands down both Danny Green and Anthony Mundine already have their names in Australian boxing history. Their original bout happened 10 years ago. It reportedly hold more on the TAB than any other fight ever. It also beat last year’s Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao bout in Las Vegas. Furthermore the Green vs Mundine rematch proclaims to be the fight-of-the-century. It will hopefully be for the fans too. For boxers the 50/50 agreement will potentially top up the pockets with $10 million each in prize-money.

The bout was organized over a coffee at a secret meeting in Sydney airport last Friday. Mundine walked away after five minutes. His agent Khoder Nasser and Green’s agent Justin Manolikos are the two to finalize the details. Mundine’s father and trainer Tony was also at the meeting. He described it as ‘very business like’.

It is revealed to happen either later on this year or on Australia Day next year. The venue is yet to be said. The Daily Telegraph shares several photographs from the meeting.

The decade of the speculation of a rematch is over.

Their infamous 2006 bout showcased in front of 30K screaming fans at Allianz Stadium in Moore Park, NSW. Mundine earned a unanimous decision.

The governments of NSW, Victoria and Western Australia indicated they will bid to host the Green vs Mundine II. The bout shall air live either on Main Event pay-television or free-to-air on Ten, Nine or Seven networks. It obviously depends on multi-million-dollar broadcast fee they are willing to pay promoters.

Mundine is 41 and Green is 43. The weight division for the rematch is 83kg. Mundine last fought at 69 and Green at 85kg. The bout will likely be the final for both boxers. Each is confident in victorious outcome.

“The weight doesn’t worry me,” said Mundine who has hip surgery in England three months ago.

“Skills pay the bills. Speed will beat power, like I showed him last time.

“This is my last fight. I know I’m against the odds but I’ve gotta win at all costs and I will. This will be a historic moment in Australian boxing.”

Green recently called Mundine a ‘banana’ who ‘couldn’t knock the top off a rice pudding’. “Ten years ago I stupidly gobbled up all your shots, yet marched forward after you, with you on your bike till the final bell sounded,” Green said.

“You could not put me away. I was in shocking physical condition, to the point where an average club fighter would’ve knocked me over, yet you failed to even put a dent in me.”