Yolanda Springbok Schmidt Supports Orange Day
Yolanda 'Springbok' Schmidt is Australian champion and two-time world championship bronze medalist / Pic: Supplied

On the 25th of each month, the first string of Australian women’s muaythai elite Yolanda Schmidt supports the Orange Day.

Orange Day is an invention of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Campaign ‘UNiTE to End Violence against Women’. It is the day to raise awareness and take action. The chosen color is bright and optimistic. It stands for a violence-free future. The main goal of Orange Day is to mobilize those who care, not only once a year, but every month. The 25th of November is an annual International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

“It’s an issue close to my heart,” says Australian muaythai star Schmidt.

“My mom was in an abusive relationship. Her and I were subjects to abuse on different levels. It is a campaign I strongly believe in and support completely.”

Schmidt picked up the initiative last November when we shared a story of an upcoming muaythai event in New Zealand dedicated to the matter.

“I saw the story on Fightmag and because of the issue it supported, I was instantly on board.”

“Raising awareness and offering support to anyone who might need it.”

“I looked into this a little further and have supported the campaign since.”

“Most of all it helped me find something that struck a nerve. I feel so strongly about taking a stand.”

Nine months to date Yolanda Schmidt supports the campaign.

Alongside a prominent muaythai career, Schmidt is a Menai High School teacher in Illawong, New South Wales. On the 25th of every month she shares a dedicated to the matter photograph on her Instagram account. It also features an inspirational caption and an important call-to-action.

“I take time to think about each post I make,” she says.

“Last year I took a greater interest in this. It more and more magnifies since then.”

“I teach about human rights, the UN [United Nations] and the UDHR [Universal Declaration of Human Rights] within my classroom as part of the curriculum.”

“My students are aware that on the 25th I always wear orange.”

“I don’t even have words to explain how strongly I feel about this issue,”

“It is most likely because I can personally relate.”

Yolanda Schmidt is Australian champion and two-time world championship bronze medalist. Her latest bout took place in Perth, WA earlier this month. She earned a unanimous decision over Alicia Pestana.


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