Joanna Jedrzejczyk Supports Mark Hunt in Lesnar’s Case


Joanna Jedrzejczyk spoke to media last weekend at UFC on FOX 20 at United Center in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Poland’s Joanna Jedrzejczyk (12-0) is a current UFC strawweight champion. Ahead of her invasion into the world of MMA four years ago, she established herself as a prominent kickboxer and muaythai fighter. This is where her fast and furious striking arsenal comes from.

MMA Fighting hit the stream this morning with the footage from UFC on Fox: Holm vs. Shevchenko. The video sees Jedrzejczyk talking to media where she shares her view on the strawweight category, her will to become a two-weight class champion, Hunt-Lesnar doping scandal and more.

The issue of prohibited supplements usage certainly bothers elite sportsmen worldwide. The matter seems to take over all rankings, results and upcoming bouts. The real athletes speak out, aiming to, perhaps, take the fair-play under their own control.

Jedrzejczyk said that the drug tests have never been a problem for her. In addition she suggested that the male athletes should be more concerned about what they take.

“I used to be tested by WADA [World Anti-Doping Agency] when I was competing in Muay Thai. So it isn’t new for me,” she said.

Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt

“When I saw Mark, he is one of my favorite UFC fighters, I was surprised how strong was Lesnar. I was surprised that Mark couldn’t do anything to him,”

“I felt like there was something going on, you know.”

Jedrzejczyk says she understands the frustration of Mark Hunt, therefore he should receive a financial compensation.

“I think that Mark should get the money. Some part of Brock’s money.”

Nevertheless, like any other true champion, Jedrzejczyk certainly does not support those who cheat. It simply doesn’t fit the original concept of sport where the strongest wins.

“I can fight with people who are taking steroids and other stuff,”

“But it isn’t fair,” she concludes.