WKN Promotes Kickboxing Championship in Iran
Stephane Cabrera, Osman Yigin and Reza Hejazi during the WKN conference at Iranian media centre on May 7th 2016 in Tehran, Iran

WKN promotes Iranian national kickboxing championship on Thursday, 11th August 2016 in Tehran, Iran.

World Kickboxing Network (WKN) is the world’s leading governing body for all disciplines of kickboxing. For over 20 years it develops the sport across the world. Consequently the time has come for Iran to taste the spirit of ‘Simply The Best’. Prestigious kickboxing championship reaches Tehran.

Last January Reza Hejazi touched the base with the WKN. He then put the scheduled 28th national competition under its umbrella. The outcome titled five new champions who received honorable belts.

The next event happened early May. The WKN directors Stephane Cabrera and Osman Yigin visited Tehran at the invitation of Olympic Committee. Alongside a warm welcome the travel featured a massive conference at country’s biggest media centre. In addition then five-day trip included a series of seminars for officials and athletes.

“Every year we travel to new countries. We aim to help them with the development of kickboxing,” Cabrera says.

“Long ago WKN worked with Iran. We now re-establish our collaboration.”

“We aim the activity that will put Iran on the map of international kickboxing as a prominent player.”

As a result, in two weeks time the leading kickboxing sanctioning body returns to Iran. Hejazi is organizing his second event under the WKN label. Kickboxing national championship is set for Thursday, 11th August 2016 in Tehran.