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Mark Hunt: Time for Change People

Overdosed with the inaction regarding the doping issue in the sport, Mark Hunt is serious about forming the Fighters Association.

Mark Hunt lost to Brock Lesnar at UFC 200 in Las Vegas, NV at UFC 200 on July 9th, 2016. It was then revealed that two of Lesnar’s drug tests returned positive results. Consequently it made the star of fight sport known as Super Samoan furious.


Mark Hunt is a serious man. He is serious about family, health, training, fighting and the way how honest job must done. In the blockbuster phone interview with The MMA Hour last Monday, Super Samoan heartily explained his concerns and upset with the current situation in the UFC regarding doping. He is seeking for a solution that will work.

“The best outcome is if the company that I work for says, ‘you’ve been cheating, you lose all of your [fight purse], and since it was cheating, you get fined. You get sued and you get a fine. You’re going to straight to court, criminal court, because what you’ve done is an offense.’ That’s what I want done,” Hunt said among everything.

Hunt advised that UFC had not made contact with him whatsoever. Since the news broke in with Lesnar’s positive drug tests, Hunt repeatedly called for the Fighters Association. He originally came up with this idea on July 19th at

“If you ask me there needs to be a system where they at least run things past the fighters before making these decisions and the fighters can look out for each other. We need an association where we can have our voices heard. We are massive reason why fans watch the sport and we risk our health to do it.”

According to ESPN

On Wednesday, July 27th revealed that a UFC official spoke to the network and advised that Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky had “a lengthy conversation with Hunt” on Monday and that dialogue was ‘positive.’

According to the official, the conversation was to “address Hunt’s concerns with Lesnar’s potential anti-doping violation, as well as the results management process related to the case.”

In response to Hunt’s concerns regarding the time frame in which the UFC knew of Lesnar’s potential violation, the official adamantly denied any knowledge prior to July 9.

Hunt did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

MMAFA – Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Association

This morning Mark Hunt went on social media. His official Facebook page sees a call-to-action image. The tagline that captions the graphic insists for an important change.

“We need an association where we can have our voices heard. We are a massive reason why fans watch the sports and we risk our health to do it.

“Someone needs to make this happen and I’m happy for it to be me.

Mark Hunt


Mark Hunt is the legend of original K-1 kickboxing and today’s hero of Mixed Martial Arts. As a result, he gains a vast support from athletes worldwide. MMA Fighting reports that Ben Henderson gives his 100 percent to the idea of the Fighters Association. In addition, earlier this week Joanna Jedrzejczyk said she believes Hunt should receive financial compensation out of Lesnar’s purse. shares that the big names, such as Jose Aldo, are ready to step in the union led by the Modern Day Gladiator.


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