Top Sangmorakot Trains Daniel Dawson
Daniel Dawson (R) with Top Sangmorakot (L) at the weigh-ins of Nemesis 11 Perth fight night on Friday May 20th 2016 at Mungkorn Mai Muaythai gym in Wangara, WA / Perth, Australia / Pic: Emanuel Rudnicki/Noisy Pixels/Fightmag

Daniel The Rock Dawson is fighting John Wayne Parr on Friday, 14th October 2016 in Perth, Western Australia.

It’s been more than 15 years since the two punched one another. Their 1999 encounter ended in a unanimous decision favoring Parr. The clash in 2000 saw Dawson earning the win.

Nobody expected a trilogy. Moreover, nobody expected Dawson’s return to muaythai. Indeed, for a decade he has boomed in the Sweet Science industry.

Today Dawson is 38 and Parr is 40. Nevertheless both are full of fight. They announced the decider-fight last May inside the ring at Nemesis 11 Perth. Since then JWP defeated Greek Pavlos Kaponis in London. Although Parr turned 40 he showcased an outstanding perfomance. ‘The Rock’ understands the mission ahead. He is going through a solid training camp.

To fight like a Thai, you must train like a Thai… and more

Towards a victorious outcome in 10 weeks, Dawson is training with Top Sangmorakot. All the way from Bangkok, Thai specialist is here in Perth. In Western Australia Sangmorakot is the most eminent instructor from Thailand. He coached MMA fighter Steve Kennedy towards his 2015 bout versus Richard Walsh at UFC 193: Rousey vs Holm in Melbourne. He assisted French star Johane Beausejour ahead of his 2016 encounter with Toby ‘The Weapon’ Smith in Perth. In addition, he trains perspective Misagh Norouzi.

“I’ve known Top [Sangmorakot] for a few years now. Though I had heard of him and good things of his coaching from other fighters before I met him,” Dawson says.

“His experience, his pedigree from Thailand and his size is a great combination to have in your coach. He is strong and intelligent.”

Work in progress

On the rise of his career in Muay Thai, Dawson lived in Thailand. There he gained knowledge, moreover the life-time experience. Sangmorakot “has definitely reminded me of all things in Muay Thai including the lifestyle” he says. “It’s even fun to be speaking Thai again.”

“We mostly work on coordinating my kicks and hands together. The knees and elbows have always felt natural. I feel liberated, I feel free to use my whole eight limbs. It’s amazing how good it feels to strike with them again!”

“Top is also working on my counter attacks in preparation for Wayne’s style. It’s a very well constructed plan to not allow him to get going.”

“Apart of authentic muaythai style training, I also engage in various types of cross-training. My mindset has switched onto fight mode, move intelligently and violently. I am living like a fighter and I feel very strong. Going into the next 10 weeks, I feel ready to really push my body hard!”

“My body is thriving from the time off last year or so and the enjoyment of using it all to strike again. I am a work in progress putting combinations together, though I truly believe I was one of the best ever at combining the 8 limbs together in my fights.”

“When you love something – you never really lose it. It stays with you, it grows with you and you grow from it.”