Ganryujima IV Tokyo Fight Show Presents Samurai Warriors on Fuji Network

Ganryujima 7.31 fight show airs live on Fuji network on Sunday, 31st July 2016 at Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo again takes-in a spectacular Martial Arts event. This time it is the forth edition of Ganryujima. The fighting concept kicked off in 2014. Sadaharu Tanikawa felt the need to re-establish Japan as that place to be, when it comes to Martial Arts. Indeed, the Country of the Rising Sun used to be a territory where every fighter aimed to compete. Tanikawa is a former producer of K-1. He has powered the revolutionary kickboxing promotion from 2003 until its unfortunate closing in 2012.


Ganryujima promotes the Way of the Samurai. The ones known as a powerful military caste in feudal Japan. The rules of fighting are MMA, but without submissions. Also instead of the boxing ring or MMA octagon, the bouts are held in a flat circle, equivalent to Sumo. The ground-work allows punching as well as all-around wrestling techniques. For entertainment TV purposes the bouts are required to be dynamic. Therefore the lack of activity on the floor leads to a quick stand-up to resume the action. The matches see competitors from different disciplines, from traditional boxing to Krava Maga.

Ganryujima collaborates with the WKN. The number one kickboxing federation provides the matchmaking for the events, as well as international recognition.

The WKN president Stephane Cabrera is currently in Tokyo. The four-day travel includes a series of official meetings. On Sunday he attends Ganryujima 7.31 as a special guest. The show is held at 10k seat Ariake Coliseum. It airs live on country’s major television network Fuji. The fight card includes WKN fighters Natanel Parisi and Michele Verginelli fighting Shinsuke Seto and Boldbaatar Udral.


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