Mark Hunt Concerned About Lethal Outcome
Mark Hunt / Pic: Loco via Therealmarkhunt/Facebook

Mark Hunt keeps trying to be heard, in regards to the doping problem in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Mark Hunt is certainly concerned. Indeed, he raised a painful question regarding the usage of prohibited substances by MMA athletes. Nevertheless, his concern is much further than just the cheating in sport. The Super Samoan is heartily anxious about the ultimate outcome that may occur. There is logic in his vision. However, he is predominantly only listened, but not really heard.

The story behind is the bout where Hunt lost to Brock Lesnar at UFC 200 in Vegas early July. USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) then revealed that two Lesnar’s drug tests returned positive results. In addition it was the third time Hunt faced such an opponent. As a result, he went furious. He repeatedly called for the Fighters Union as well as told the NZ Herald ‘I probably won’t fight in UFC again’.

Hands down, the actual loss to Lesnar has no much to do with all this anymore. Being an elite athlete for over fifteen years Hunt takes any defeat to the chin, gets over it and returns to training to prove wrong in the next bout.

His concern is safety of the athletes. Those who are the main characters of sport, the reason why fans watch the bouts at first place. Furthermore, Hunt’s biggest upset is inaction. He is devastated with no outcome such as financial and legal penalties including ban from sport of those caught cheating.

Mark Hunt aims to see an outcome-action from those in charge to stop cheating. He is concerned about the lethal outcome of those inside the cage.

USADA reportedly contacted Hunt in regards to an out-of-competition drug testing. He though sees no reason for such a thing, since there is no follow up whether the result is negative or positive. He posted on Facebook. (The style and grammar original as per author.)

“Don’t fucken waste my time with your bullshit testing ok why are u even testing when u fuckers don’t do shit about it take your out of competition testing and stick it up your ass cheating motherfuckers what a bunch of wankers”

One of the comments saw the following opinion which advises Hunt, among everything, to “start acting professionally about this’, and ‘for all the time you’re bitching on here, you could be spending that time getting the union together.”

Hunt’s response includes that “its jus a matter of time before someone dies…”

Disregarding the style and used vocabulary, this is certainly the most important message The Super Samoan tries hard to deliver. He is devastated that the situation unfortunately reminds something like they ‘listen, but don’t hear’. Consequently nothing is done about it.