Yohan Lidon Defends WKN Title in the City of Rich & Famous


Yohan Lidon defends his WKN world title against Danijel Solaja at Fight Night Saint Tropez on Thursday, 4th August 2016 in St Tropez, France.

Fight Night Saint Tropez has again produced an outstanding VIP gathering. The programme beheld a knockout fight card, lights and sound, and extravaganza dancing. It all featured a delicious feed as well as a buzzing atmosphere of competition. The A-list celebrities attended the show to supervise prestigious WKN kickboxing world championship. The main event saw local favorite Yohan Lidon facing Danijel Solaja from Germany. Frenchman was defending his beloved super middleweight belt. The challenge went on distance, showcasing all-around techniques, sportsmanship and warriors spirit. After five rounds of action, it all came to the judges score cards. As a result, Lidon earned a unanimous decision. He defended his belt that he won against Karapet Karapetyan alongside the knockout of the year last May in Paris.

Fight Night Saint Tropez aired live in prime time on l’Equipe 21. In addition, K-1 star of all times Jerome ‘Geronimo’ Le Banner presented at the show as a special guest.

Spectators also witnessed a super heavyweight kickboxing tournament. Four international fighters brought in total of over 500 kilograms to the table. In the opening bout Thomas Vanneste defeated Daniel Perez. The second semi-final saw Tomas Mozny earning the win over Daniel Sam. In the championship round Mozny beat Vanneste, consequently taking all tournament.

The 8-fight bill included the world championship in muaythai as well as a series of super fights. Taiheran Chomanee defeated Taina Duarte and gained WMC featherweight title. Stephane Susperregui and Dylan Salvdor beat Suleyman Magomedov and Roman Babaev. Mikhail Tiuterev defeated Brian Collette.

Fight Night Saint Tropez 2016 Results

Main Event

WKN Kickboxing World Championship / Super Middleweight / Oriental Rules / 5x3mn
Yohan Lidon (France) wins on points vs Danijel Solaja (Germany)

+500 Tournament / Super Heavyweight / K-1 Rules / 3x3mn


  • Thomas Vanneste (Belgium) wins on points vs Daniel Perez (Cuba)
  • Tomas Mozny (Slovakia) wins on points vs Daniel Sam (England)


  • Tomas Mozny (Slovakia) wins on points vs Thomas Vanneste (Belgium)

WMC Muay Thai World championship / -57,200 kg / 5×3 mn
Taiheran Chomanee (Thailand) wins on points vs Taina Duarte (Brazil)

Super Fights

Kickboxing / Heavyweight / K-1 Rules / 3x3mn
Mikhael Tiuterev (Russia) wins on points vs Brian Colette (USA)

Kickboxing / Heavyweight / K-1 Rules / 3x3mn
Stéphane Susperregui (France) wins on points vs Suleyman Magomedov (Russia)

Muay Thai / Super Lightweight / 3x3mn
Dylan Salvador (France) wins by KO R2 vs Roman Babaev (Russia)