MMA Fighters Union Keeps Moving Forward

The Mixed Martial Arts fighters now have two associations behind them. The Fighters Union keeps moving forward.

The Professional Fighters Association (PFA) officially launched this week aiming to unite the fighters competing in the UFC. FOX Sports reports that famed baseball agent Jeff Borris leads the PFA. The board includes attorney Lucas Middlebrook, NBA referees union administrator Callie Mendenhall and economist Andrew Zimbalist. The PFA aims such fighters union to organize athletes for collective bargaining, as well as other issues.


The release on PFA website raises the question ‘Why do baseball, basketball, football and hockey all have associations?’.

“Historically, owners have taken advantage of the athletes until they created a unified association to combat the owners’ greedy ways. Professional sports history shows how the formation of an association to collectively bargain employment terms has dramatically increased the compensation and working conditions of an organized membership. These associations have helped players financially and given them control over their careers and their life after they finish competing. The MMA business is a billion dollar industry where all fighters, even the ones at the top, receive only a fraction of what they deserve”

“This will continue unchecked until there is a unified front on the part of the fighters in order to level the playing field and stop those at the top from taking advantage of the fighters in the Octagon. Remember – the fighters generate the revenue.”

Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Association

Meanwhile, the MMAFA released the Join the Revolution footage on Facebook. It sees Randy Couture inviting the fighters to join the movement.

“We need every last one of you guys in support and behind us. This is the revolution to change the sport for better. Take away some of the power that the promotions have and give it back to the fighters,” Couture says among everything.

The description under the video includes the link to Ali Act 2 MMA petition at The subtitle calls to ‘Fight for Fighters’.

Mark Hunt

Fighting sport legend Mark Hunt repeatedly called for the Fighters Union due to an ongoing doping issue in sport. He posted the following on his Facebook page in regards to the actual formation of the Fighters Union as the movement.

“Just so u guys know this union has been brewing for a while and I will certainly not take credit for it being established.”

“Please thank those that are involved in this and it has been along way coming and needed.”

“There’s plenty of people that are far more deserving of the hard work they have done building this. I feel the right union to help fighters’ rights need to be backed.”

“So don’t thank me thank, those who have been working tirelessly in the background to make this happen.”

“There’s still a sh*tload of things that need to be done. So please get behind the movement by liking and supporting the Fighters Union page and leaving your thoughts.”


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