Yolanda Schmidt defeats Plyfah live on Thai TV
Australian Yolanda Schmidt with supporters after her bout Vs Plyfah at Siam Discovery Center on Friday, 12th August 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand / Pic: Supplied

Yolanda Schmidt defeats Plyfah at Queen’s birthday televised show on Friday, 12th August 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Australian fight queen from Sydney, ‘The Springbok’ Yolanda Schmidt is currently at the birth place of the Art of Eight Limbs. She aims to gain more experience as well as a series of victorious bouts.

Her latest challenge was only four weeks ago. Schmidt beat Alicia Pestana at Epic fight night in Perth. Indeed, ‘The Springbok’ is already again jumping inside the boxing ring. On Friday, August 12 she took part in the woman’s muaythai world championship at Siam Discover Center.

Schmidt fought Thai opponent Plyfah in the super flyweight division. The match featured the 12-fight bill that consisted of female bouts only.

“Although the odds were against me I came away with the win. I dug deep,” Schmidt told fightmag.com.au this morning.

“In the fifth round she was dancing, being cocky. However, she was basically running away.”

“I assume she thought she had already won the fight.”

“I though take nothing away from her. Plyfah is by far one of the toughest opponents I’ve fought. She is also smart.”

“She has a very strong and quick left kick. Every Time I was coming in with punches she kicked.

“In clinch it felt that she was holding on the ropes a fair bit. However, I did take her down a few times.”

“During one of the breaks I was told there was a slow motion replay of a ‘brilliant elbow’ that I threw.”

Nationally televised event dedicated to Queen’s birthday.

“As for fighting live on TV it didn’t really change anything. I was not aware of this factor during the actual fight.”

“However knowing that millions were watching the show was pretty amazing.”

“It also felt privileged to be fighting alongside some big names. Most of all, it was the Queen’s birthday!”

In addition, Schmidt has again faced the local favorite on the rival territory. Particularly in Thailand, she defeated Chomanee at Royal World Cup in August 2015.