Carnage Striking Makes Up European Training Camp


Few days before take off to the third Euro-tour. This trip is something of a different flavor. The Carnage Striking headlines the journey.

My first destination is Serbia. This is the home of Ronin-Carnage Global. We are hosting our first summer training camp at the new and much bigger gym. This is where the Carnage Striking is on display.

King of Carnage Plots The Following Euro Journey

The camp runs for five days starting August 22nd till August 26th. It consists of two training sessions daily. It includes the components of strength, conditioning, technique and combinations, plus hard out sparring with lots of partner drill work.

Amongst all the hard training there will be great social gatherings. We will tell stories from our fighting careers, raise and answer training questions and more. It is all dedicated to share our knowledge with others.

The camp is open to all levels and the gym is big enough to accommodate everyone. So all are welcome.

After the camp is done I am heading off to Mykonos island in Greece for few days relaxation and time out to enjoy the end of the European summer. I am then moving onto the green land of Ireland. I have two seminars to run there, from Northern Ireland back to Dublin.

Final part of this trip is in the UK. I am running workshops in my good friend’s Dojo. From kickboxing and muaythai to traditional karate, I am also talking about the mindset; of what it takes to be a champion for a decade.

Conclusively, a full 3-week action, as well as time to relax in between.

I am then back to Australia to continue work on my Carnage Striking programs.

Welcome to my world.