Misagh Norouzi Targets Boxing Career

Australian Muay Thai fighter Misagh Norouzi starts a projected journey in classical boxing.

Iran-born Misagh Norouzi, 19, is a Perth-based athlete. He is currently on the four-win strike out of six bouts in total. Norouzi kicked off fighting in early 2015. He quickly become a prominent competitor noted for taking the wins over potentially stronger opponents. In addition, ahead of the debut Norouzi trained during the period of three month only. He last fought in March. The result saw him coming out victorious from the bout against previously undefeated John Morton. Conclusively within a year of training from scratch, Norouzi gained the local notability, earned credits and the name ‘Southpaw’, as well as collected required in WA amateur quantity of contests to start a professional career.

“I believe to be successful in anything you really have to give your 100% regardless all the negative situations and let downs that occur,” Norouzi says.

“Another thing that motivates me is my trainers Top Sangmorakot and Parviz Iskenderov. They treat me like a pro and they train me like a pro.”

“Having them believing in me and caring with all heart, makes me want to do everything in my power to pay back.”

Last April the rock turned the way that Norouzi suffered a broken wrist. Although for several months it postponed his proper training he is full of fire to resume fighting in near future. Moreover, he looks at the career in classical boxing rather than to continue the Art of Eight Limbs.

“The broken wrist put me off training and fighting. It took up to two months to heal… a long period of time. All up it costed me three fights which was a let down mentally.”

“It is though all good now and we are switching into boxing.”

“I will do as much as I can as an amateur and then will turn pro.”

“We had spoken about boxing before my fourth fight. Top was a boxer himself, he made his third place in whole Thailand.”

“Of course right now I don’t have much understanding of its [boxing] specificity. But I also had no idea of Muay Thai.”

“With the right trainer and support we can make it to the top.”

“My main goal is to become the national champion of my motherland Iran.

Inspired by many in boxing as well as by the games in Rio, Norouzi however is not completely ruling out Muay Thai.