WKN Promotes Muay Thai Top Kombat 4 Colombia
Andres Dussan (L) of Colombia headlines Muay Thai Top Kombat 4 Colombia fight night on Saturday, September 3, 2016 in Florencia, Caqueta, Colombis / Pic: Facebook

The forth edition of the WKN muaythai series in Colombia, the Top Kombat comes to Florencia on Saturday, 3rd September 2016.

The world of stand-up fighting is still buzzing with last Saturday’s event in Brazil when the WKN returned notorious IVC to the world’s stage. But the largest kickboxing federation already prepares the next show in South America. The WKN moves to Colombia to promote the Top Kombat 4. Florencia is hosting an intercontinental gala.

In the main event country’s first string Andres Dussan faces off Brandon Pereyra of Mexico. The cruiserweights will challenge an intercontinental title. The co-main event matches Marlon Grau with Argentine Nicolas Jara. The pair will contest for South American title in the super-featherweight category. The third bout from the top of the card will see Jose Mejia taking on Canadian Stan Mancebo. The intercontinental title is for grabs in the super lightweight division.

All up Top Kombat 4 event is an eight-fight bill. The card consists of Colombia’s elite taking on fighters from Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Canada. The promoter is Oscar Arizmendi. He is the WKN official since April 2015. To date he has put together three spectacular shows as well as seen his fighters taking part in the WKN fight nights abroad.

Top Kombat 4 Fight Card

WKN Muay Thai Cruiserweight Intercontinental Championship / 5x3mn
Andres Dussan (Colombia) vs Brandon Pereyra (Mexico)

WKN Muay Thai Super Featherweight South American Pro-Am Championship / 5x2mn
Marlon Grau (Colombia) vs Nicolas Jara (Argentina)

WKN Muay Thai Super Flyweight Intercontinental Pro-Am Championship / 5x2mn
Jose Jota B Benjamin Mejia (Colombia) vs Stan Mancebo (Canada)

International Muay Thai Super Featherweight / 3x2mn
Byron Rodriguez (Colombia) vs Maurice Pompey (Canada)

Muay Thai Super Featherweight / 3x2mn
Ricardo Natael Pena (mexico) vs Juan Carlos Pita (Venezuela)

Muay Thai Super Lightweight / 3x2mn
Oscar Ramirez (Colombia) vs Marcio Chavez (Brazil)

Muay Thai Super Lightweight / 3x2mn
Geovanny Bedoya (Colombia) vs Ourland Teeran (Venezuela)

Muay Thai Super Welterweight / 3x2mn
Christian Espinoza (Colombia) vs Maicol Hurtado (Colombia)