Yolanda Schmidt Takes on Pia Salgado
Yolanda 'The Springbok' Schmidt / Pic: Fightmag

Yolanda Schmidt and Pia Salgado meet for the third time.

Women’s muaythai is certainly on the rise in Australia. Dozens of female bouts are on the display throughout the country. The level of competition is very high with the contests commonly going into a close decision. One of such matches features in the main card of the Siam 2 Sydney fight night on Saturday, September 17. The Down Under’s first muaythai string, Sydney’s Yolanda Schmidt is taking on her long time vis-a-vis Pia Salgado from Canberra.

“We fought in 2013 here in Sydney. For me it was the second fight, for Pia it was her debut,” Schmidt told Fightmag.com.au.

“The battle was that close that I didn’t know who’s hand was going to be raised.”

Two years later Schmidt and Salgado went ahead to square their differences on the Gold Coast. It was an ultimate challenge for the spot in Australian team ahead of IFMA 2016 Jonkoping. Schmidt earned the gold as well as the qualification. Nevertheless it was quite far from an easy win.

“A few weeks ago she [Pia Salgado] fought and won the fight against Alicia [Pestana],”

[Pestana is a prominent competitor who Schmidt faced last month in Perth]

“Pia has the same style as I do. A forward fighter, well rounded fighter.”

Less than two weeks ago Schmidt took on Thai athlete Plyfah in Bangkok. The bout featured in the televised event dedicated to Queen’s birthday. Australian was leaving the ring victorious.

“I am now back to Australia to restart training,”

“After the fight in Thailand my body feels good. A few niggles but we are working on recovery.”

“I haven’t had time to properly think about this upcoming fight. But after loosing to [Sam] Brown last April, I have a hunger that cannot be suppressed.”