Curtain Twins Hit 2016 IFMA Youth
Sophie Curtain (R) and Sharna Myers (L) in their women's junior muaythai bout at Siam 2 Sydney event on Saturday, March 12, 2016 at Marsden High School, West Ryde, NSW, Australia / Pic William Luu

Curtain twins Emily and Sophie from Campbelltown, NSW are on the Australian team representing at IFMA 2016 Youth World Championships from August 24 to September 1 in Bangkok, Thailand.

As fighters we tend to build a high tolerance for pain. We push through what many wouldn’t. At times we convince ourselves that the pain does not exist. It is said ‘Pain is weakness leaving the body’… But is it really? In preparation for fights, numerous athletes choose to ignore injuries. It’s about the mental strength, pushing yourself to complete the training camp and partake in a scheduled bout. Regardless. I myself am guilty of having the ‘suck it up princess’ mentality. The Curtain twins are not an exception.

Last year Emily Curtain partook in the Royal world cup in Bangkok. She secured the bronze medal after coming up against opponents from Thailand and Finland. Her most recent victory was achieved stepping into the ring outside of her weight division. She fought fellow national team mate Taleah Delfs.

“It was a good result. Taleah is two years older than me and I went up four kilograms above my normal weight,” says Emily.

This fueled the fire of her desire to go for gold at the competitions this year.

In preparation, Emily and her sister Sophie pulled out all stops. The Curtain twins put in the hard yards between fights to ensure they are physically fit, as well as to increase their strength and conditioning.

Worst luck Emily suffered a broken metacarpal in her hand, sustained during her rugby union game.

It is with a heavy heart she had to opt to withdraw from the main youth muaythai event of the year. Although disheartened, Emily made the smart choice of allowing her body time to heal, protecting the future of her sporting aspirations.

While she is no longer fighting in Bangkok, she is determined to show her brother Brad and sister Sophie, as well as the whole Team Australia the utmost support for the duration of the championships. She will be cheering as Brad takes on Ukraine and Sophie goes up against Thailand.

Sophie similarly pushed through niggling injuries during multiple fight camps.

She fractured the top of her left foot mid fight against Brittney Dolheguy in April. She pushed through the pain, assuming it would pass. Furthermore Sophie stepped into the ring twice before seeking a medical opinion. Not only did she have a fractured foot, she dealt with extreme tendinitis in the same foot. As a result it restricted her training in the weeks leading up to the championships in Bangkok.

However, this did not impair her focus. In 2015 Sophie secured the silver medal after facing an opponent from Russia. This year she earned the win over Sharna Myers in Sydney. It all left her feeling confident in taking gold at this year’s championships in Bangkok.

“I’m feeling fit, strong and I am confident in that I can win gold this year,” she emphasized.

With the commencement of the 2016 IFMA Youth World Championships, Australian team have weighed in, refueled and ready to make the country proud.