Ganryujima 10.21 made in collaboration with WKN kickboxing
Ganryujima 10.21 airs live on Fuji network on Friday, 21 October 2016 in Tokyo, Japan / Pic: Supplied

WKN world office assists Ganryujima 10.21 that airs live on Fuji network on Friday, October 21, 2016 from Tokyo, Japan.

World’s leading kickboxing governing the World Kickboxing Network proceeds its transcontinental cooperation with the Ganryujima events in Japan. In January the WKN revealed the debut event it assisted to a new Martial Arts project. It was the third Ganryujima show established by a former K-1 producer Sadaharu Tanikawa. The WKN has become an official matchmaker for the events. So far two co-promoted shows aired live on Fuji TV. The recent event was in July. The following chapter is happening on October 21.

Ganryujima 10.21 schedules a series of mixed fights as well as the 8 Man middleweight tournament. Ali Mahro Bakhtiari of Iran and Italian Michele Verginelli take part in the happening representing the WKN team. Bakhtiari competes in the eliminator. Verginelli is taking on the representative of Brazilian Capoera Aldo. The card is currently in makes.

Stephane Cabrera, the World Kickboxing Network president, is announced to attend the event. Kickboxing boss will again comment the show live on Fuji network throughout the country of the rising sun.

Ganryujima promotes the Way of the Samurai, known as a powerful military caste in feudal Japan. The matches see competitors from different disciplines, from traditional boxing to Krava Maga. The rules of fighting are MMA, excluding submissions. Instead of the boxing ring or octagon, the bouts go ahead in a flat circle, equivalent to a platform in Sumo. The work on the ground allows striking as well as the all-around wrestling techniques.