WKN Builds New Kickboxing Generation in Ireland
ProKick roadshow Back 'n' Ards is held on Saturday, September 17, 2016 at Queen's Hall in Newtownards, Northern Ireland

ProKick Roadshow Back ‘n’ Ards hits with a massive kickboxing card on Saturday, September 17, 2016 in Newtownards, Northern Ireland.

ProKick Roadshow is an out of town event, when the eminent team from Belfast travels to Newtownards to host the evening of international kickboxing. Back ‘n’ Ards is an amateur event that aims building the new stars. Promoter is Billy Murray, a former world champion who is also known as a trainer of more than fifteen world title holders.

The WKN released the fight card that includes over a dozen contests. The kids as young as six years old will compete in a well controlled light contact bouts. Demo bouts and young LadyKillers feature in the programme. The top of the bill is the welterweight championship of Ireland. Michael Swann faces off Cathal Dunne in the full contact title clash. In addition the female kickboxing matches Samantha Robb and Dominika Rembelska of Poland. Jake McCreedy and Killian Emery take on Courtney Vella and Aiden Borg from Malta.

Prokick Roadshow Back ‘n’ Ards comes to Queens hall in Newtownards, Northern Ireland on Saturday, September 17, 2016. Doors open at 2:00 pm with the first bout starting at 2:30 pm. Tickets available at Prokickshop.com.

Fight Card

Main Event

WKN Kickboxing Amateur Championship of Ireland
Full Contact / Light Welterweight / 4x2mn
Michael Swann (Belfast, Northern Ireland) Vs Cathal Dunne (Athlone, Ireland)

Main Card

WKN Kickboxing Amateur Prestige Bout
Low-kick / Super lightweight / 4x2mn
Samantha Robb (Northern Ireland) vs Dominika Rembelska (Poland)

WKN Kickboxing Amateur Prestige Bout
Low-kick / Super lightweight / 3x2mn
Jake McCreedy (Northern Ireland) vs Courtney Vella (Malta)

WKN Kickboxing Amateur Prestige Bout
K-1 / Lightweight / 3x2mn
Killian Emery (Switzerland) vs Aiden Borg (Malta)

Light Contact Matches and Demonstrations bouts

Grace Goody vs Jade Molloy
Jack Wightman vs Leon Love
Daniel McAllister vs DJ McCann
Logan Beattie vs Casey Dougan
Locran Toner vs Liam Carron
Joseph Millar vs Riley Hamilton
Taylor Armstrong vs Tasmin Jellie

Kids Round Robin Team Event

First Team
Matthew Hand (ProKick)
Jonathan Lowry (ProKick)
Bodhi Murphy (ProKick)
Ethan Allman (ProKick)

Second Team
Joel Wishart (ProKick)
Blayr McGimpsey (ProKick)
Christan Greer (ProKick)
Ryan Butler (ProKick)

The event includes young LadyKillers: Kayleigh Armstrong, Eden Murphy, Amy MCune, Ella McCune.


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