Carnage Accomplishes Summer Training Camp
Nathan Carnage Corbett during the 2016 summer training camp in Novi Sad, Serbia / Pic: Nikola Radin

This tour started the next chapter of Carnage Training with the 5-day camp at the home of Ronin-Carnage Global in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Our training camp was the place to be and there certainly where a few that made the trip. 55 fighters signed up to train twice a day.

We have involved the fighting drills, sparring, conditioning as well as loads of skill work, technique, and of course the mindset talks.

This summer camp was the first with many more to come. We are going to set an annual date.

Once the intense training and teaching was finished, my partner and myself visited a beautiful island of Mykonos in Greece. There we’ve spent a few days relaxing before heading to Ireland to continue with the Carnage Global workshops.

First seminar was at Strike Martial Arts Academy in Northern Ireland’s town called Derry, three hours from Dublin.

The following morning I was back to Dublin to teach another seminar at the famous SBG gym, the home of Conor McGregor. It was my third time to return there in the past 18 months. I always enjoy going to Ireland. People are great and love their fighting.

The next was leaving Ireland to then visit the UK and teach at my good friend’s Dojo. The training included kickboxing and muaythai.

This trip was only three weeks. A quick fun full journey of working and also enjoying life’s treasures along the way.

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