Sylvester Stallone Shares Very Rare Photos from Rocky IV Set
Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Babloa of the USA (L) and Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago of the Soviet Union (R) put on a knockout boxing showdown in the Rocky (1985) film / Pic: Instagram/officialslystallone

The Hollywood cinematic boxer of all times Sylvester Stallone shares the set of Rare Photos from Rocky IV.

Hands down, Sylvester Stallone is a unique and number one champion when it comes to boxing on the Silver Screen. This is due to his ‘best friend’ Rocky. Indeed, he helped him along the way, as well as brought him back to drama and 2016 Oscar nomination.

Although Stallone didn’t get the Oscar for Creed he certainly admires the personage who has always been there, fighting shoulder to shoulder for forty years.

Few weeks back Stallone was a victim of the celebrity death hoax. He however surely proved to be alive.

Moreover Stallone is full of energy ahead of the up-coming 40th anniversary of Rocky.

Anticipating the 24th of November which is the date of birth of Rocky, Stallone looks back.

He shares on Instagram a very rare set of photographs from Rocky IV.

“Very rare photo… Never saw this before today. Always a pleasure being Smashed by Dolph… November 24 is the 40th anniversary of the birth of Rocky!” Stallone captioned an exclusive photograph outlining the big date.

“Well we’re on the subject a couple of more Rare photos. November 24th is the 40th anniversary of Rocky! Time flies,” he described the photo shared on Tuesday.

“Thinking about the next shot set up. I never saw this one either. 40th anniversary in November!” Indeed, to date Stallone has produced seven chapters of Rocky from 1976 to 2015. Creed II is reportedly in makes for 2017. It will be the eighth edition of Rocky series.

“Sometimes I really miss the process of directing,” captioned Stallone sharing the photo that sees him holding a massive camera on his shoulder.

Rocky IV (1985) is a legendary picture that remained the highest grossing sports movie for 24 years. It is the most financially successful chapter in the Rocky franchise. The co-star in the film is Dolph Lundgren. He boxed opposite Stallone as Ivan Drago of Soviet Union.