WKN Kickboxing Continues Expansion
WKN Kickboxing Championship Belt / Pic: Supplied

The WKN kickboxing continues international expansion dedicated to development of combat sports market in Iran and India.

The WKN kickboxing announced a large list of international events scheduled in Iran and India. The double release on Tuesday also includes the outline of accomplished activities.

The release indicates the achievement of Iran that within a year succeeds to be a part of the numerous national and international events.

“Since the start of the WKN collaboration with Mr Reza Hejazi and Mr Tofan Pirani, Iran has been a prominent country of kickboxing world.”

The list of notable events includes national championship in Tehran, international title bouts in Phuket and Pattaya as well as the official meeting with the Olympic Committee in May.

The release also includes the upcoming events that feature Iranian athletes. Ali Mahro Bakhtiari competes in Japan on October 21. Mohammad Hossein Doroudian competes in Belgium on November 20.

India anticipates an official visit of the World Kickboxing Network directors Stephane Cabrera and Osman Yigin next February

The trip aims “to continue a solid collaboration and successful development of combat sports in India.” Somesh Kamra and Hakan Hozan facilitate the cooperation locally.

The WKN extensively contribute to presence of Indian athletes on the international scene. The release outlines several happenings that sees the representatives of a vast South Asian country taking part in the international events under the umbrella of WKN.

Ratnadiptee Shimpi took part at 2014 Girl Power in Latvia. Bharat Khandare fought in Japan in March. The next is Aditya Katkade who competes in Tokyo on October 21.

The World Kickboxing Network is a world-leading governing body for all disciplines of kickboxing. The organization internationally promotes the development of sport for over 20 years.