Junior Female Muay Thai Fighters Face Struggles to Remain Active
Sashean Pill (L) with Jasmine Parr (R) during the weigh-ins at 2016 Tomorrow's Champions event / Pic: Sharon Richards

Our up and coming junior female fighters aim to remain as active as possible during the year. However, certain weight or age divisions present struggles.

Regardless of how consistent they train, the bouts are not always readily available. Numerous youth athletes train ongoing for months without certainty of a bout.

Junior females are a faced with being the minority group. They often end up re-matching each other in order to continue their development as fighters. In order to remain active further struggles and sacrifices include funding their own way interstate, taking on a more experienced opponent, jumping over the weight division or taking a trip to the mother land, Thailand.

Generally a move up a weight class only occurs if a fighter has exhausted or dominated the pool in their current weight class, or of course if their body is changing and they are naturally heavier. Conversely, it has become more common for athletes to move up or down a weight class simply to ensure they are active in the fight scene.

Velocity and weight equals punching power

Sashean Pill, 13, gave up weight and experience as she stepped into the ring with Jasmine Parr, 13, at Tomorrow’s Champions event on September 17 in Broadbeach, Queensland. The bout ended in a referee stoppage in favor of Parr.

Born and bred into a fighting family, Parr has 11 fights under her belt, while Sashean has now had 3. Nevertheless Pill says “it was a good experience to fight a someone with as much experience as Jasmine”.

Pill has been training for fifteen months. She aspires to be world champion one day. On her next journey she is fighting Melinda Montzka on October 9 in Loganholme, QLD. Again, Pill is moving up from her usual 38-41kg weight class to 43kg.

You are though not necessarily set up for failure when you enter a higher weight class.

At one point American female boxer Ann Wolfe held world titles in four different weight class. MMA fightero Cat Zingano of USA and boxer from New Zealand Gentaine Lupi each hold titles in three different weight divisions. Muay Thai fighter and kickboxer England’s Julie Kitchen held multiple titles in various weight classes.

It may not be ideal, but with the determination to go where the fights are, fighters have adapted their mindset to go toe to toe with someone out of their normal fight bracket.

Even though the future of female muaythai is certainly bright.


  1. What ever you were told about sashean in regards to her fight Jasmine parr, is all lies,
    Miss Pill doesn’t train and her parents are the ones that wanted her to fight Parr, because they have told everyone that pill would smash her.
    That fight should never have happened!
    No trainer would ever have put the fight together, but the pills parents wanted it and wouldn’t leave fight promoters alone!

  2. Ben L (if that’s your name) if the promoters thought sash wasn’t up to it the Promoters wouldn’t put her in it.
    So are you having a dig at the promoters as well why don’t u say that to there face. People like you give a bad name to promoters for putting these fights on. I am sending your message to the promoter of that fight and see what they say about it and I have your email address. Your not Ben L.

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