Top Team with Top Sangmorakot and Misagh Norouzi

Since early 2015 we are united in one prominent Top Team with Top Sangmorakot and Misagh Norouzi.

Reflecting back on the recent couple of years, my number one recollection is, hands down, our Top Team. Indeed, after all I always look at what have been created. A great invention is always an achievement. By saying ‘great’, it is all about those great personalities involved in such creation. To conclude a prologue, I would simply repeat, that I believe to be blessed to always meet the best people in the world.

Top Team kicked off in January 2015

It has all started late 2014. I think it was September. I was genereally training in the morning. This is when we have spotted each other with Top Sangmorakot. Long story short, he told me to come training in the evening with him. Although I attempted to whine something about the age he stated ‘you can do’. We’ve trained till the end of the year before he went to Bangkok for a month to spend deserved time with the family.

Early December 2015 we got to know each other with Misagh Norouzi. He is the one who entered the gym saying he wanted to fight. Indeed, there are dozens of those wanna-be fighters, so my skeptical consideration was obviously beating all ratings when I’ve heard him saying that. The test was simple by trying to break him mentally. Please note, to make a never trained person tired physically is a simple task, so I didn’t bother. The idea was to see what his mental level is capable off. Norouzi didn’t break.

In January 2015 Top returned from Thailand. It was a bit of a mission to convince him that Misagh is there to train and fight. Indeed, Top was fed up with those mentioned above wanna-be fighters, who are certainly just a waste of time. Norouzi proved him wrong too.

The first result was a debut only three months after training from scratch.

In seven months we’ve gone through four fights with Misagh. Going further in development we have won more fights and faced few defeats. Our lady fighter Janique Lim topped up the team. Many started to come training with us, including eminent Daniel Dawson and Steve Kennedy.

Indeed, people see the result of what we do. Top is certainly the king when it comes to muaythai specificity and of course the pad-work. The beloved ‘conditioning’ that we have invented with two other top guns Chris Irving and Ric Pisaneschi back in 2011, is certainly enjoyed by everyone. The epicenter of the way we train is the actually training. Such a cliche is pretty simple. We don’t talk at training. Two and a half hours we work. The discipline and consistency, alongside determination and believe – is the key to success.

We have topped up my record with four more fights, two wins as well as Australian title shot. All up I think it is around seventy now. Misagh is 6-4 to date.

Although due to a certain circumstance we are currently not training together our Top Team remains on the top. Misagh switched to boxing from muaythai. He is in hands of Top who is a former boxer himself. I am looking forward to a several more fights till completely switching to the management and promotion.