WKN Kickboxing European Championship Headlines Simply The Best 11 Poprad
Press Conference: Simply The Best 11 Poprad / Pic: Supplied

Vladimir Idranyi takes on Matous Kohout in the main event of Simply The Best 11 Poprad on Saturday, October 1, 2016 at Arena Poprad, Slovakia.

Simply The Best 11 Poprad fight night is the following edition of the WKN world series on SFR Sport 5 (Kombat Sport). Particularly in Slovakia, this is already the third chapter held at Arena Poprad. Promoter Lukas Bodyy keeps the tradition by bringing the leading athletes from across the World. The event airs live on national TV networks such as Poprad 24, Digi Spor and O2 Sport.

The eleven-fight bill will see the prominent kickboxers Vladimir Idranyi of Slovakia and Matous Kohout of Czech Republic in the challenge for the prestigious WKN European title. Vitor Pinto of S.L. Benfica in Portugal will face local Emin Sefa in defense of his MMA belt. In addition, the WKN makes history in kickboxing by bringing Andres Dussan to take on Tomas Senkyr. Indeed, Dussan is the first ever kickboxer from Colombia to compete on European soil. Samuel Hadzima and Xavier Lejour top up the bill in the international kickboxing championship.

The press conference was held late last week. The Giant Slovak Tomas Mozny and promoter of Czech Republic Petrem Lamac attended the event. The under card has seen an additional minor changes. The final lin up is presented below.

Fight Card

WKN Kickboxing European Championship
Light Heavyweight / Oriental Rules / 5x3mn
Vladimir Idranyi (Slovakia) vs Matous Kohout (Czech Republic)

WKN Kickboxing Oriental Rules International Bout -74.000 kg / 3x3mn
Pavol Garaj (Slovakia) vs Michal Szmajda (Poland)

WKN Kickboxing Oriental Rules International Bout +96.000 kg / 3x3mn
Radovan Kulla (Slovakia) vs Lubos Rauser (Czech Republic)

WKN MMA International Championship
Middleweight / 3x5mn
Vitor Pinto (Portugal / Champion) vs Emin Sefa (Slovakia / Challenger)

WKN Kickboxing Intercontinental Super Fight
Super Light Heavyweight / Oriental Rules / 3x3mn
Tomas Senkyr (Slovakia) vs Andres Dussan (Colombia)

Kickboxing Oriental Rules / 3x3mn – 86,000kg
Adrian Valentin (Slovakia) vs Jevgenij Volcek (Belarus)

WKN Kickboxing International Championship
Lightweight / Oriental Rules / 3x3mn
Samuel Hadzima (Slovakia) vs Xavier Lejour (Belgium)

Kickboxing Oriental Rules / 3x3mn – 75,000 kg
Stefan Meszaros (Slovakia) vs Bartosz Zajac (Poland)

MMA / 3×3 +95kg
Josef Krsak (Slovakia) vs Robert Voves (Czech Republic)

Kickboxing Oriental Rules / 3x3mn – 80,000 kg
Erik Matejovsky (Slovakia) vs Michal Helbich (Slovakia)

Kickboxing Oriental Rules / 3x3mn – 82,500 kg
David Subjak (Slovakia) vs Ivo Zednicek (Czech Republic)


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