Yolanda Schmidt Faces Off Natasha Sky
Yolanda Schmidt (R) of NSW and Pia Salgado of Canberra in their women's muaythai encounter at Siam 2 Sydney event on Saturday, September 17, 2016 in Ryde, NSW / Pic: William Luu/W.L Fight Photography

Yolanda Schmidt of Sydney is fighting Natasha Sky on Saturday, October 22, 2016 in Adelaide, South Australia.

Yolanda Schmidt is Australia’s eminent super flyweight female muaythai fighter. She is fighting Sky as a replacement for her previously lined up competitor from Italy. For this contest The Springbok steps up in the weight class. Moreover, the bout is pushed into the schedule. Only a couple of weeks ago Schmidt fought Pia Salgado in Sydney with her following bout planned in November in Melbourne.

“I used to feel comfortable at 57 kg, but I now walk around light,” Schmidt says.

“So 57 kg is almost no weight cut for me. I know I’ll be the smaller fighter on the day.”

“We took the fight because we want to remain as active as possible. Every fight is experience I gain.”

Natasha Sky is a prominent athlete representing South Australian Team Sky Thai Boxing. The fighting camp that she runs together with her husband. The couple lived in Thailand for three years and counts over 19 years of experience in muaythai. Their record indicates nearly a 100 professional bouts as well as the collection of numerous title belts.

“Her name [Natasha Sky] is one I’ve heard and seen since before I started fighting,” says Schmidt.

“So I know she has been around the muaythai fight scene for some time now.”

Schmidt vs Sky features on the card at the Resurrection of the Warrior event at Golden Grove Recreation Centre in Adelaide, SA.

“I’ve never been to Adelaide, let alone fought there.”

“I fought in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and of course here in Sydney.”

“It is exciting to make my first trip to South Australia and share the ring with a well known fighter.”

Yolanda ‘The Springbok’ Schmidt is South Africa born, muaythai fighter from Sydney, Australia. She is a Menai High School teacher in Illawong, NSW as well as a multiple national champion and 2-time bronze medalist at IFMA world championships.


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