WKN Kickboxing Promotes World Grand Prix in Iran
WKN Schedules Kickboxing World Grand Prix 2017 in Iran / Pic: Supplied

Kickboxing World Grand Prix will be held in Tehran, Iran in February 2017 live on National TV networks.

Notably Iran lately has shown its prominence in kickboxing world. The country was taken as an example during a recent podcast when Stephane Cabrera spoke to Don Roid of FightBox. WKN president mentioned on the high level of popularity of sport in the country, as well as its development on the international scene. In near future two Iranian athletes compete in Japan and Belgium. Ali Mahro Bakhtiari takes part in Ganryujima on October 21. Mohammad Hossein Doroudian is fighting at Simply The Best on November 20.

On Thursday the WKN world office made a release on an outstanding event in Iran. The happening is a double World GP in two weight divisions. The total of fifteen countries participants feature on the programme.

“Iran enters the international kickboxing rankings. Two World Grand Prix are scheduled for February 2017 in Tehran.

Two 8-man tournaments are set in the 70 kg and 90 kg weight classes. The quarterfinals and semi-finals will go ahead at 3×2 minute rounds. The championship bouts will be fought at 5×2 mn rounds.

Alongside Iran, 14 different countries are on the list to take part in the event. Iranian athletes Askgar Hosejni and Firooz Fakhri will go up against competitors from France, Slovakia, Belgium, India, Italy, Malta, Northern Ireland, Germany, Georgia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Scandinavia, Greece and Poland.

The grand happening is organized by Mr Reza Hejazi in coordination with the WKN world office. It is dedicated to continue popularizing the sport in Iran, being the biggest kickboxing gala ever held in the country. The event will air live on National TV networks.”


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