Yolanda Schmidt Presents Ladies Only Muay Thai Training
Yolanda Schmidt presents female muaythai group and one-on-one training

Whether your preference is ladies only classes or one on one private training sessions, we have got you covered.

Ladies only group training doesn’t mean the exercises are modified leading to a less intense workout. On the contrary, they are tailored to females with the added bonus of smiles and laughs along the way.

When asking the ladies at our PTJ muaythai gym to comment on such group training, numerous say it helps to have someone understand female mentality, moods and limitations instructing the class.

The vibe at female classes generates a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

With a dash of giggles, we have created the ultimate recipe for success. It’s a supportive sweaty combination of a mate gathering, self-improvement and escapism.

You can work out for longer within a muaythai group fitness class, as you are distracted. Distracted from the length of the session with someone to chat to between rounds. Time flies when you are having fun.

The regulars of our muaythai 4 Ladies class share some of their thoughts:

“Group environment encourages me to work harder and push myself to achieve more,” says Renee Hanly.

Lindy Lou comments that “group training allows for a more diverse, interesting and targeted workout with a social component”.

“I am enjoying the camaraderie and the way other women don’t treat you like you’re made of glass,” says Gabrielle Massey.

Each variation has their benefits. However, private training sessions are a great way to improve on your weak areas.

We are social animals. We seek the company and positive reinforcement of others.

In a group muaythai class, you are limited to the amount of individual attention you receive. Private muaythai sessions simply allow for individual focus for the entire duration of the session.

Working with a personal trainer adds that motivation that you sometimes lack.

We, as trainers, are excellent at holding you accountable. We have the ability to believe in you when you are at your lowest. ‘Can’t do’ simply does not exist in our vocabulary.

You benefit from developing a routine such as scheduled days a week for your sessions.

Trainers help you set and achieve goals more realistically.

In your PT sessions you can expect non-judgmental and consistent feedback to assist in achieving your goals.

What you feel like you are doing and what you actually are doing are, at times, complete opposites.

One on one sessions allow for immediate feedback on your technique. A trainer observes, assesses and corrects technique to build self confidence in your abilities.

“It’s also a chance to put everything together with some sparring where I’m not afraid to have a go,” says Hanly.

Similarly Lou comments that “with someone you see regularly, who knows all the flaws and strengths, it really allows you to build on your skill”.

You can maximize your workout and your time through a private session. There is no opportunity to slack off when you have a private training session.

Hanly admits that personal training sessions really push her. “There is nowhere to hide,” she says.

I recommend private muaythai sessions to all levels, male and female.

They are truly beneficial in seeing results and achieving goals. They are excellent for improving technique and building confidence.

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