WKN Continues Collaboration with Numerous Promotion Groups in Japan
WKN Championship Belt / Pic: Czech Fighters

World Kickboxing Network (WKN) continues intercontinental collaboration with the numerous Martial Arts promotion groups in Japan.

This Friday, October 21 the World Kickboxing Network assists the fifth edition of Ganryujima fight show on Fuji network. The largest kickboxing organization is an official matchmaker for the promotion. It manages the team of three international competitors. Ali Mahroubakhtiari of Iran, Aditya Katkade of India and Michele Verginelli of Italy take part at Ganryujima 10.21 representing the WKN Top Team. This is the third event when the new project of a former K-1 producer Sadaharu Tanikawa works shoulder to shoulder with the number one kickboxing federation.

Early last week the WKN made a release with the support of a new Japanese project called SEI ZA. It is set for the official launch in 2017. SEI ZA is the world-first professional woman’s BUDO. The role of the World Kickboxing Network includes matchmaking and provision of international exposure and recognition for this new concept.

This morning the WKN added RISE 114 Tokyo to its event calendar.

The event is held on Friday, November 25 at Korakuen Hall.

Cyril Pazitny aka Little Big Man of Slovakia is taking part at RISE 114 under the management of the WKN. The event is headlined by Motochika Hanada in defense of his promotion’s inaugural title against Yoshihisa Morimoto.

Pazitny is the current national kickboxing champion of Slovakia. His latest bout in September featured on the main card at the Battle of Saint Raphael IV fight night in France. He took the first round stoppage victory over Michel Teixeira.

At RISE 114 Pazitny is facing off the current RISE champion Kouda Nove. The bout is scheduled at 3 by 3 minute rounds in the featherweight class.

RISE 114 is the eleventh intercontinental collaboration between the World Kickboxing Network and Real Impact Sports Entertainment. The previous edition was in May 2016. Morrocan-Italian Tarek Toots went up against Tenshin Nasukawa at RISE 111. The debut event was held in 2013. Australian Danial Mini T Williams took part at RISE 94 under the management of the WKN. He faced off Japanese kickboxing and TV personality Daiki Miyagi.

In addition, on December 11 the WKN reportedly involved in the world championship event in Myanmar.