Osman Yigin Heads WKN Kickboxing Delegation to Tunis
Osman Yigin / Pic: Czech Fighters

From October 28 to October 30, 2016 the official WKN kickboxing delegation visits Djerba, Tunisia.

The lead of the delegation is Osman Yigin, a former 16-time world champion. He is the WKN official representative in Belgium as well as the international coordinator for Turkey. Being one of the World Kickboxing Network directors, among everything, Yigin officially visited Nepal, Malta and Iran. He now heads to Tunis.

The three-day schedule includes the meeting with sports authorities and participants of the industry, and also kickboxing seminar.

The WKN world office made an agreement with the Union Tunisienne de K1 et Disciplines Associées (UTK1&DA) to commence international development of kickboxing in Tunis.

The agreement has been established with Mr Mounir Twati and Mr Mahmoudi Zoubair of UTK1&DA towards the productive development and elevation of the sport of kickboxing in the country under the umbrella of the WKN.

The WKN plans a professional international kickboxing promotion in Tunis in the nearest future.

In the recent podcast on FightBox HD, the World Kickboxing Network president Stephane Cabrera spoke about the development of kickboxing in different countries via the WKN.

Iran came in as an example, which indeed within a year has become a prominent player in kickboxing world.

In addition to already organized events, Iran is announced to accommodate a massive kickboxing show early 2017.

Furthermore, its representatives already take part at the big promotions abroad. Ali Mahroubakhtiari represents the nation this Friday, October 21 in Japan. He takes part in All-Asia tournament headlining Ganryujima 10.21, the Fuji network live televised event.