Domination 18 Perth: Hall of Winners

Muaythai and boxing fight show Domination 18 aired on PPV on Saturday, October 22, 2016 from Perth, WA.

Domination 18 is the 12-fight bill held at Serpentine Jarrahdale Recreation Centre in Byford, WA. The 4 man lightweight muaythai eliminator headlined the event.

Lloyd Dean came out victorious over Jaturapat Bash and Roy Wills. He won the tournament earning the cheque for $5K.

The main card also included Ricardo Pisaneschi taking the win over Ben Cant as well as Stephan Lottering defeating Karthik Mohandas. In addition Emma Graham scored a decision over Kristan Armstrong.

The boxing part of the show has seen Glen Austin making a victorious comeback taking the victory over Richard Simpson. Debutantes Anita Boom and Renae Wauhop battled out in the female contest. Boom earned the decision.

Fight Results

4-Man Muay Thai Tournament – 63.5 kg / 3x3x2mn

Lloyd Dean wins on points vs Jaturapat Bash
Roy Wills wins by KO R3 vs Komkit Jak 300 Chanawong

Lloyd Dean wins on points vs Roy Wills

Muay Thai WA State Title -66,7kg / 5x3x2mn
Ricardo Pisaneschi wins on points vs Ben Cant

Muay Thai Female -53kg 5x2x1mn
Emma Graham wins vs Kristan Armstrong

Muay Thai -76kg / 5x2x1mn
Stephan Lottering wins vs Karthik Mohandas

Boxing -83kg / 4x3x1
Glen Austin wins vs Richard Simposon

Muay Thai -70kg / 3x3x2mn
Jesse Woodhouse wins vs Marc Albonetti

Muay Thai -66kg / 3x2x1mn
Suga Arumgam wins vs Leo Nguyen

Boxing Female -70kg / 4x2x1mn
Anita Boom wins vs Renae Wauhop

Muay Thai -72kg / 3x2x1mn
Dylan Herbst wins vs Carlito Rodrigues

Muay Thai -59kg / 3x2x1mn
Liam Gerrans wins vs Micheal Herbst


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