Stream UFC 270 Ngannou vs Gane live on Kayo
Stream UFC 270 Ngannou vs Gane live on Kayo
Stream UFC 270 Ngannou vs Gane live on Kayo
Stream UFC 270 Ngannou vs Gane live on Kayo
Stream UFC 270 Ngannou vs Gane live on Kayo
Stream UFC 270 Ngannou vs Gane live on Kayo
Stream UFC 270 Ngannou vs Gane live on Kayo
Stream UFC 270 Ngannou vs Gane live on Kayo

Bigger’s Better: Reminisce Eurosport’s Live Boxing TV Show

Bigger’s Better boxing sensation hits the silver screen on Friday, May 7, 2010 in prime time live on air by Eurosport from Nicosia, Cyprus.

Promoter Jean-Christophe Courreges, WKN president Stephane Cabrera and journalist Jean-Philippe Lustyk produce a new programme of entertainment on a pan-European television sports network, Eurosport. The trio feels the need to elevate the popularity of boxing. It has been left out of the spotlight. They invent the Bigger’s Better.


Indeed, other fighting sports such as kickboxing and MMA are in control of the mainstream. Moreover, boxing itself includes an endless number of weight classes as well as champions. This certainly confuses the audience.

Bigger’s Better recalls the 1909 London sporting club rule and also abides by 1920 NY athletic commission like law. It goes back to the roots of boxing where the cruiserweight class is not in presence. There is one complete division, from light heavyweight to super heavyweight.

Is Bigger always Better?

Bigger’s Better series includes 8 tournaments and features a never-before-seen format in boxing. In the course of an evening each tournament features eight international athletes from different fighting disciplines. They compete in a unique three-round match tournament, battling it out in a simple knock-out format (quarter-finals, semi-finals, final). The winner takes up to $15,000 in prize money.

The actual fights are particularly intense and spectacular. The boxers look for that crucial KO to take them through to the next round without sapping their energy.

There are no weight categories. As a results, the fighters from the minimum weight of 82 kg and 130 kg could be pitted against each other. The eventual winner of each tournament goes through to the season climax: Bigger’s Better King.

Unstoppable boxing on Eurosport

Bigger’s Better travels throughout numerous countries in Europe. Moreover it pays a visit to Africa. Episode 14 is held in El Jadida, Morocco, broadcasting live on Eurosport throughout European continent.

All up, from May 7, 2010 to December 13, 2013 promoters install 27 episodes. Three spectacular seasons of the live TV show entertain the fans of boxing around the world.

In a brief outline the Bigger’s Better shows see eminent trainer Don Turner celebrating his 71st birthday. IBHOF referee Steve Smoger is in control of the contests inside the ring. Prominent fighters such as Mairis Briedis, Pavel Zhuravlev, Fabrice Aurieng and Evgenios Lazaridis are battling out among others. Lyubomir Simeonov puts on the knockout WKN kickboxing championship. Denis Liebau challenges for the IBA boxing title. Miss Latvia 2013 Lingita Bopulu is hosting the show live on Eurosport.

Girl Power

The next innovative step Bigger’s Better makes in 2014. The Girl Power edition produces the 8-woman kickboxing eliminator. The event sees international female fighters going up against each other live on PPV from Latvia.

The event marks the notable date of November 14. Steve Smoger is in charge of kickboxing matches. In very deed, after obtaining a required training Double S is qualified by the World Kickboxing Network.

Further on the night, Bigger’s Better returns live on Eurosport. Mairis Briedis wins IBA boxing world title. He takes a decision victory over Ismail Abdoul.

More boxing

Stephane Cabrera becomes IBA representative in Europe. From June 20, 2014 to November 6, 2015 Bigger’s Better continues its live boxing programme on Eurosport. Five episodes see the championship bouts. The events are held in Belgium and Germany.

Up next

In September Stephane Cabrera appears on the FightBox podcast. He speaks with Don Roid, making a mention on the Girl Power edition. Cabrera shares the information that JC Courreges anticipates to re-boost the project. In addition, the WKN reportedly makes an agreement in Japan. The term is the world boxing championship event.


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