What Is Your Ideal Muay Thai Fighting Style
Singpayak Chombueng / Pic: William Luu

The ideal Muay Thai fighting style develops specifically based on the particular weapon that works best for you.

The fighting style is aggressive or technical. Your style is categorized on the technique you favor the most in the ring.

A Muay Khao is generally a clinch specialist known to attack with lethal knee strikes. Other muaythai competitors such as Saen Paranchai and Phetboonchu use this way of fighting.

The likes of Pornsanae Sitmonchai is a Muay Mat. This is someone who is very heavy handed. They look for the knockout punch from the moment they touch gloves.

Your trainer and the fighters you aspire to influence your own fighting style. Each gym is different. Most who fight out of the same camp emulate that gym’s style, its signature.

A fighter who throws devastating kicks such as those of Sam A Gaiyanghadao, is a Muay Dteh. These kicks wear the opponent down, and with enough power they lead to a knock out.

Your style evolves over time. Every opponent that you face, highlights your strengths and weaknesses. While you might have a favorite weapon, this may not necessarily be the ideal style for your natural abilities. Your body plays a huge role in depicting your own way of fighting.

Muay bouk describes those who are forward fighter. A technician who favors all weapons and makes use of tactics and timing in the ring is a Muay Femue. These fighters beautify all there is about the Art of Eight Limbs.

Well known Muay Femue are Saenchai and Nong-O Gaiyanghadao. These athletes use well thought out technique and use weapons with great precision.

It’s common for two different fight styles to face off in the ring. This is the Art of the Eight Limbs, Muay Thai.


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