Laetitia Madjene takes part at 8 woman kickboxing tournament at Kunlun 54 event on Sunday, October 30, 2016 in Wuhan, China.

Laetitia Madjene aka Miss Dynamite tops up the list of the WKN managed fighters. The 30-year-old French super featherweight kickboxer holds the 22 (8 KOs)-2-1 fighting record. She is a current national champion as well as the 2016 WAKO world champion.

Madjene faces off Candice Mitchell of Canada in the quarter-finals of the tournament. She is a short notice replacement for Anke Van Gestel of Belgium.

“Next fight this Sunday, October 30 at Kunlun Fight 54 in China. 1/4 final of the K-1 women’s tournament. Thanks to WKN for this opportunity! Ready for war!” Madjene posted on her Facebook fan page on Thursday.

The draw features Marisa Pires of Portugal who is going up against Dutch Anissa Haddaoui. Greek Korina Papachrysanthou takes on local Wang Kehan. Russian Diana Zubrovskaia is battling out against Juliana Werner of Brazil.

In addition the programme includes a series of kickboxing rating bouts as well as the MMA challenge.

Fight Card

8 Women Tournament -61.5 kg / 3x3mn

Laetitia Madjene (France) vs Candice Mitchell (Canada)
Marisa Pires (Portugal) vs Anissa Haddaoui (Holland)
Korina Papachrysanthou (Greece) vs Wang Kehan (China)
Diana Zubrovskaia (Russia) vs Juliana Werner (Brazil)

Kickboxing -60 kg / 3x3mn
Lee Chan Hyung (Korea) vs Wang Wenfeng (China)

Kickboxing -70 kg / 3x3mn
Mohamed Mezzouari (Holland) vs Davit Kria (Georgia)

Kickboxing -72kg / 3x3mn
Noh Jaegl (Korea) vs Cai Liangchan (Macao)

MMA -66kg / 3x5mn
Jo Sungbin (Korea) vs Stefan Pjuk (Serbia)