Yolanda Schmidt vs Daria Smith at Rebellion 13 Melbourne
Yolanda 'The Springbok' Schmidt / Pic: Facebook

Yolanda Schmidt is fighting Daria Smith at Rebellion 13 muaythai event on Saturday, November 26, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia.

This year Yolanda ‘The Springbok’ Schmidt is hands down the busiest female muaythai fighter from Australia. Since the return from IFMA 2016 Jonkoping in May, where she earned her second bronze for the nation, she takes the challenges one after another. Indeed, Sydney-based super flyweight athlete battles throughout the continent. Her most recent contest was only a couple of weeks ago in Adelaide. This is where she defeated local favorite Natasha Sky as well as claimed the following Australian title. The journey to Melbourne, is up next.

Schmidt is facing off Daria Smith (20, 5KOs-6-1) aka ‘The Boss’ from New Zealand. The female muaythai bout features on the main card of Rebellion XIII.

“As always I know nothing about my opponent. I know she is a Russian living in New Zealand. I have not researched her,” Schmidt told FIGHTMAG this morning.

When the bout got locked in, Smith shared the poster captioning the following on her Facebook fan page.

“I know! I look less than impressed mainly because of all the cake I’ve eaten that day, but I am super excited for this fight. November is going to be one hell of a fun ride this year.”

The Schmidt vs Smith bout will go ahead at 5×2 minute rounds in 55 kg weight division.