Jeremy Horn Appears on FightBox Podcast

Jeremy Horn appears on FightBox Podcast 96 where he talks about the fights vs Forrest Griffin and Renato “Babalu” Sobral and much more.

Jeremy Horn is an MMA legend from Omaha, Nebraska, USA. He has over 120 documented professional fights in his 20 year career.

Horn has competed in all of the major MMA promotions, including the UFC. In the FightBox Podcast episode 96 he looks towards the future of his career as well as reflects back on the fights against Forrest Griffin and Renato Sobral. He also discusses the incredible IFC eight-man tournament and gives an advice for aspiring MMA fighters and much more.

In addition, the episode includes my review on WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event.

Daniel Austin
Daniel Austin is a TV commentator, journalist and podcaster for the FightBox TV channel. He is the host of The FightBox Podcast, an interview show where he talks to top fighters from around the world in all fighting disciplines. He did professional wrestling for 15 years, competing in nine different countries. Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, he later moved to Poland, where he now resides and where he started the country's first ever pro wrestling promotion in 2009, Do or Die Wrestling.