Dedication is the Key for Greatness
Yolanda 'The Springbok' Schmidt

There is a fine line between dedication and obsession.

Personally, dedication is when you choose to invest time in something, and obsession is something that owns you.

To ensure that line is not crossed, the key is balance. To outsiders, of your chosen sport, the balance is not always clear. Outsiders view it as obsession. I view it as doing what needs to be done.

I was raised with an all or nothing outlook on any goal I set. It is in bread by my parents that if I was not willing to give 100%, then I would simply be wasting my time.

Dedication is the relentless desire to succeed.

To be successful in any field you have to be dedicated. You have to enjoy everything encompassed in achieving what you want. This may be the victory, the failure, the hard work and anything else that comes with it. If you have lost the excitement, it simply becomes an obsession.

By definition obsession is the domination of your thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image or desire. Dedication is complete or wholehearted devotion to something or someone.

How many elite athletes do you know who lack dedication and commitment? The likes of Serena Williams, Muhamad Ali, Laryssa Latynina and Michael Jordan all have one thing in common: the dedication to strive for greatness.

While as a fighter we make numerous sacrifices. This includes opting out of social events, although this does not mean we do not socialize. In the grand scheme of things we need to be sure that what we are working towards is still important to us.

Family first, even if they do not share your passion. Indeed your time with them is limited when pursuing your goals. Be wary of completely neglecting your friends and family. Make the brief moments count.

Balance is essential. With anything in life we are all individuals, we differ vastly. My balance and your balance will be two completely different scenarios.

As a dedicated, hard-working fighter I value the brief moments with my family and friends and, the much needed, ‘me’ time.


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