Parviz Iskenderov
Parviz Iskenderov

It’s not really a throwback Thursday or anything, but I feel like sharing these few photographs with Darren Curovic and Alex James from August 11, 2010.

Darren Curovic is the man guilty for developing Muay Thai in Western Australia. He indeed the man credited with lifting the level of the Art of Eight Limbs on the West Coast.

Among everything, Curovic is a pioneer to organize the prestigious WKN world championship events in Australia. He is also the first to showcase Carnage and JWP in action to Perth crowd. Finally he is a trainer of numerous veritable champions such as Danial ‘Mini T’ Williams and Alex James.

However despite the high achievements in the industry of sport, of course including his own fighting record 30-3, which is only a logical consequence of evolving and combination of the love, dedication and talent, I would simply and proudly outline Darren as a friend. A genuine friend.

Alex James is a talent. Even though he’s had a couple of years off, he had certainly cemented his name as the big thing of Australian cruiserweight muaythai.

In 2012 his potential brought him to the first string of the national ranking. He earned a unanimous decision over Australia’s all time favorite Gaz Rees. In addition, earlier Alex claimed the WKN amateur world title over Guadeloupe’s Eddy Leno.

Furthermore he made a successful pro-boxing debut at Danny Green’s under card, taking the bout on a short notice. The outstanding part is not even the punch fest itself, but appearing live on Main Event wearing sneakers instead of boxing boots.

Besides, Alex is in history as the first Australian fighter I’ve ever written about in FIGHTMAG. Watch his highlight reel, it says it all. However, I would though outline Alex likewise simply as a true friend.